Friday, March 12, 2010

Fatt Putt (Yam Basket) Party

Yam basket -- The reason of it all...
I wonder what is all about social security disability! Anyway, I am here to post some pictures from the Yam Basket Party aka. Belated CNY gathering. Totally aswesome!
It started with an eye-catchy yam basket (fatt put) picture posted by Laura. Soon after the picture was up, some of the Cinas from Sabah went gaga over the picture and was curious where they could find it/eat it in Bangkok.
So Dee suggested the right person--Auntie Teresa! If you know Auntie Teresa and have been to her home before, you know you wouldn't want to miss the next invite. Yes, the food.
Stirring the yee sang
Not to mention Uncle Damian, Auntie Teresa's husband, also a good cook himself and known for being hospitable towards whoever that visits their home. Long story short, Auntie Teresa caught up with the wave and decided to host a party and invite us food lovers all the way up to Muak Lek for a late CNY gathering.
We celebrated birthdays too!
We suggested on the menu and she gave the approval. So up we went to spend the weekend at Muak Lek and had a great weekend stuffed with good, home-tasted food.
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