Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confused for a Sec.

Remember I blogged about natural colon cleansing with water? Well, this time one of my friend is trying to find something that is also natural but in a form of pills. I happened to know of a pharmacy where they sell such thing and without waiting, she suggested that I came with her which I did. We took a pink taxi and headed to the pharmacy not so far from our work place. Guess what? As soon as we sat inside the cab, the taxi driver started talking to us in Thai and the topic wasn't just a normal one but about the red shirts. No matter how much we thought we were clever, he was even fast. We didn't want to discuss politics but was trap in a situation where we had to say yes, really? entertain to the discussion started. When we finally reached our destination, both of us actually forgot what we were there for!!

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