Friday, March 26, 2010

Teachers also Thirst for Inspirations & Motivations

picture: Courtesy of Damien Sim
As soon as the Teacher's In Service ended today, I felt like a fresh graduate who is eager to step into the world with a baggage full of knowledge, all ready to embark a whole new challenge in the education field with a motto in mind-- To Make A Difference.

Yes, I am THAT inspired and motivated all over again. Imagine if this kind of feeling happens everyday? I would have not a single complain all throughout my teaching career!
Color pencil wheel by Damien Sim
Sad thing is, these kind of feeling is usually short lived. When reality hits hard, giving up and quitting is always in the option list no matter how we try to tell ourselves to stay optimistic. Sometimes we are even too occupied with work that we often forget to inspire and be inspired. Then we get too burned out that we neglect fun in the classroom but to finish what our job dictates us to. Students felt the "instant life insurance quote"tension and we totally lost them...

The keynote speaker today was excellent! In fact, all the speakers for TIS this year were great. All of them came from well rounded background in education and wine-old experiences in the filed. Some of them have even conducted several sessions in past EARCOS and knew very well how to bring EARCOS traditions into our TIS sessions. I could say that everyone is more than satisfied. Of course some areas need rooms for improvement yet I am sure by organizing such training every year, in no time will the school have more empowered teachers who are more than willing to contribute to not only the future generation but also ready to serve and support the school for the rest of their life. I liked the idea of inviting teachers and professionals from other schools to join us. This way, information and ideas are not pinned from inside the school gate alone but well shared with them of the same interest.

Today, I just got inspired and motivated.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

TIS #1

First day of Teacher's In Service workshop/training today. This time the school has decided to do it differently. What is good about it is that we actually get to choose what workshops we want to attend for the day. Kinda like EARCOS in a way. There were 6 workshops offered today and you could choose 1 from every session. The first session was fine. I learned a lot about lesson planning. The speaker known as Bro. Ben (forgot his full name) is an experienced teacher. He seemed to be pulling out most of his experiences from his storage box as to illustrate what he is trying to say. Less boring although I expected it to be a more engaging workshop. Yeah. Guess what? The second workshop was top notch of the day! Bro. Robert made me wonder if I was suppose to be an actress in this present life. We indeed had a great time despitehealth insurance in NC! After lunch, I attended Dr. Olga's workshop. She has her own way to engage the teachers and it wasn't as bad as what some people predicted it to be! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confused for a Sec.

Remember I blogged about natural colon cleansing with water? Well, this time one of my friend is trying to find something that is also natural but in a form of pills. I happened to know of a pharmacy where they sell such thing and without waiting, she suggested that I came with her which I did. We took a pink taxi and headed to the pharmacy not so far from our work place. Guess what? As soon as we sat inside the cab, the taxi driver started talking to us in Thai and the topic wasn't just a normal one but about the red shirts. No matter how much we thought we were clever, he was even fast. We didn't want to discuss politics but was trap in a situation where we had to say yes, really? entertain to the discussion started. When we finally reached our destination, both of us actually forgot what we were there for!!


picture courtesy of decor8.

Love the stools. Reminded me so much of

Growing up, those stools, either in
auburn brown or rust brown
had never been anyone's favorite.
Unless when left with no choice
and you need to be around a huge round table
filled with occasional faces and food.
The closest to being loved would be any weekends.
Dad would carry one to a corner and fix a leaking air-cond
while mom would drag another one
to reach for the huge Nespray milk can
reused to store square Khong Guan biscuits
on top of the kitchen's shelf.
We kids would then with our four tiny hands
carry whichever stool so we could
pluck sweet jambu merah from
our flowering rose apple tree
just next to our store house...
Even stools could bring back
so much of the past,
makes me wonder how much could
a home fit in a poem like this.

I guess missing home is somehow constant.
No matter how much I believe in the saying:
Nothing is permanent and change is constant.

I just want to believe now
that I will never stop missing home
until my human growth hormone
tells me to do so.

Addicted or Tolerable

Currently reading accutane reviews but wait a minute, I suddenly realized that I just turned into a movie addict. I know who to blame, the red shirts of course who left Hobbit and I with no choice on a "house arrest." Which is good in a way since our pockets went dry too quickly this month due to exotic vacations and fancy hors d'oeuvres we made ourselves enjoy at home.

Back to movies, in no whatsoever order, I currently watched:
1. It's Complicated
2. The Note (I & II)
3. Faith Like Potatoes
4. Shining Inheritance (whole series: 26 episodes)
5. Desperate Housewives (till the latest)
6. Avatar
7. Alvin and the chipmunks the Squeakquel
8. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
10. Story of Mari and Her Puppies
11. Princess and the Frog
12. C Me Dance
13. Me & You, Us, Forever
14. Bits and pieces of whats on TV...

No comments about those movies. Was just trying to recall how many I have watched in the span of 3 weeks. Not bad actually and to be calling myself an addict perhaps is a bit too much. Maybe TOLERABLE would be the right tone.


Need I say more?

Tees to Grocery Bag

How cool is it to have your favorite tees turn into your favorite grocery bag? I am thinking of cerise pink... and it would be the perfect color for me on a modified, chic-looking grocery bag that looks like this:
My eczema! All you need is an old T-shirt (I have my cerise pink night blouse =), scissors, matching thread, a button, a piece of ribbon and your own/borrowed sewing machine. You just need to follow the instructions that is provided by the creator, Between the lines, and I guess you could dash off the house door and go shopping in no time. Just amazing isn't?
One thing about me is that I hate the sound of plastic bags. I just hate it especially the hard ones that once tickled,everyone knows you're with a plastic bag or just came back from a shopping spree or something. I much prefer paper bags or just shove the things inside the cart as soon as the receipt is given and push them to the car. Much easier, less hassle on the cashier and I could be one environmentalist who is conscious enough to care so much about the issues of plastic BAGS!

p/s: Ohh...While you're at your finishing cut, remember the cute optional pouch. It is cute. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rally Friday Holiday

Red shirts are out to overturn the government again. Another rally in Bangkok and today was declared a holiday for most of the schools here. The news I heard this afternoon said that even government and some private workers get a day off today for safety purposes because the red shirts seemed to be everywhere on the road today. Many spotted them on buses, trucks and vans. Most of them were seen getting to their rally points so nothing major happened today. The Thai news said that the government might have frightened us a bit but the red shirts shown on TV really meant no harm as they were marching along Samut Prakan's street today. Whatever it is, we will find out more this weekend. I pray that there would not be any violence and hopefully no one gets hurt. Cyber Monday is in my wish list but I am not hopping too much since it is exam week for most of my students!

Fatt Putt (Yam Basket) Party

Yam basket -- The reason of it all...
I wonder what is all about social security disability! Anyway, I am here to post some pictures from the Yam Basket Party aka. Belated CNY gathering. Totally aswesome!
It started with an eye-catchy yam basket (fatt put) picture posted by Laura. Soon after the picture was up, some of the Cinas from Sabah went gaga over the picture and was curious where they could find it/eat it in Bangkok.
So Dee suggested the right person--Auntie Teresa! If you know Auntie Teresa and have been to her home before, you know you wouldn't want to miss the next invite. Yes, the food.
Stirring the yee sang
Not to mention Uncle Damian, Auntie Teresa's husband, also a good cook himself and known for being hospitable towards whoever that visits their home. Long story short, Auntie Teresa caught up with the wave and decided to host a party and invite us food lovers all the way up to Muak Lek for a late CNY gathering.
We celebrated birthdays too!
We suggested on the menu and she gave the approval. So up we went to spend the weekend at Muak Lek and had a great weekend stuffed with good, home-tasted food.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This appeared in my word of the day widget:

WORD: Sass
DEFINITION: (noun) Impertinent, disrespectful speech.
SYNONYMS: back talk, lip, mouth.
USAGE: "Don't give me any of your sass, just go upstairs and clean your room!" yelled my mother.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is Why - Hua Hin #2

Home is a different story all over. Of course I get Hobbit to shower me with lots of royalty treats but I have my one love that is hard to part with, even for a day--My Hobbies. Music instruments I hardly find time fondling, sewing machine that currently has more charisma compared to work, blanket that yearns to be knit, kitchen that welcomes new recipes, art projects that are doing dust collector's job, a lonely husband who's shoved to stare at his monitor...

I badly needed a vacation.

Day two and woke up only to miss the sunrise at Hua Hin beach. We had a very late breakfast and called up Kuang to pick us up to somewhere yen=cool. She took us to a shopping mall which is not very far from where we stayed. Lots of cloth brands on sale that Hobbit and I bought a shirt and a blouse! We strolled and saw this cute make-up shop with videos of Michelle Phan on screen. Wow, she is that popular! I like the cute kiosk, lots of cute Korean products selling for a decent price. Yet, I was on a budget and I have to remember that. But girls will always be girls...I bought a nude rouge shimmer lipstick. Love the color! We went on to try Italian gelatos where I picked pistachio flavor and Hobbit got Vanilla Chocolate. Yummy but the cone tasted weird that I wanted to throw up!
Joy arrived and we took a long, hot walk along the beach towards the main city. The sun was super crazy! Both Joy and I had a terrible burnt due to heavy walking alone! Along the tourist police station, we bought our sun hats and wore it through out! We had our lunch at a nice soi next to a cheap insurance company. and left for Plearnwan. Actually, there is nothing to rage about this place. To me, it's just for the pictures and yeah, a place to splurge money. The entrance was free though and we went around to look at things. They have unique stuff that impressed me but that was it. A bit overly done if I may add.
The breeze was nice when we left Plearnwan to Lotus. We knew we would be hungry while swimming, so we went for Lotus food. Got buns and nuts and hey, I got edamames! By this time, I felt so sleepy and as soon as I reached our room, we napped a little. It was sufficient to give us energy running and screaming in the beach. Wah, so much energy! I could still feel the warmness of the sea water and hear the rhythm of the sea. I felt like a little girl again, chasing crabs and picking seashells...
That point was another 'feel good' moment and it took away my second reason as to why I badly needed a vacation. I am reminded that I am blessed every single day and I thank He who makes all things beautiful.

This is Why - Hua Hin #1

The dread symptoms started somewhere in February when my work got piled up fast and I had to bring work home just because I had to catch up with deadlines. Reaching home after work, ask anyone and who is willing to glance at work when all the comforts of home surrounds you? None would and I, with or with no choice am not willing to do bring 'overtime' home. Yet, so many things needed to be done. Being the only teacher with no assistance, no student work-aid, no nothing...all brought to focus on the sole one - I. Me. Cuttings for each of the hundred students in kinder, markings for the 55+ students in G1, 60+ students in G2, G3, G4, rubicon...Aaaarrggh! My head was always spinning in class and my temper shortened day to day.

I badly needed a vacation.

Out of nowhere, Hobbit and I reached Hua Hin safe, sound, and intact. The four hour safari expedition that we had to go through (not forgetting the bizzare smell and the bus driver's cigar)...was nothing but 'fun' and 'enjoyable'. Lucky me to forget my custom travel mugs. Yes, no more Sai-Tai-Mai-Yellow-Sign-Board-150B-Orange-Look-Toong-Bus experience to Hua Hin unless there is no other option. Darn 6am sleepy head!!
According to most hotel websites, a long weekend deal is suppose to be a little more on the pocket and rooms are known to be FULLED. We took our chances and checked in to a nice, perfect room with perfect access to the beach. Good nap, long stroll, beach, breeze, sand, night market, meal, concert and a good night...
All those things took away the first reason why I needed a vacation. God is good and all the time He is good.:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hua Hin Hua Hin

Hobbit and I just spent our long weekend at Hua Hin, Thailand. It is such a beautiful place if you know where to go and what to do. Right now I am thankful that we came home safely and everything went smoothly as planned. The Lord is good. I enjoyed the sea so much that I wanted to prolong my holiday yet I know it is not possible. Anyway, I have problem combing my hair right now because I forgot to bring my hair conditioner to Hua Hin. I guess it is also because of the hard water I took shower with there. My feet hurts from walking too much on thick sand and in the water. Hobbit and I also got a nice tan and both of us could hardly recognized ourselves in front of the mirror. Nevertheless, it was all worth it and no regrets for going. I even forgot that I have a phosphacore review coming up. Okay peeps, I will probably blog about Hua Hin a little bit later when I get all the pictures into my laptop. Happy εδΊ”ζš aka. Chap Goh Meh yesterday! :)
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