Friday, February 5, 2010

What To Do? It's Valentine's Day

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Next week, love birds will be celebrating the V-Day. I figured that it is one of the least romantic days of the year. Why? Because this is when most men act like robots. To some, it's a day of obligation, thus thought flowers and chocolates are a must because that's what the norm tells them to do. Well, if you think you would snap out of that, then think outside the box! One guy friend ask me what should he do to celebrate Valentine's day for someone who is running a distance relationship like him??

I told him, there are many ways to show love through...

1. the internet!!!

Hobbit once ordered a bouquet online and asked them to send it to my work place! It was so sweet of him but once I came to know the actual price (when he could just drive to Thong Lor and get those same flowers for 3 times cheaper), you know me and the things I would say to make him not spend so much again. Haha! Well, that's besides the point. Do splurge once in a while for the ones you love dearly.
Get a love script necklace such as this and ship it to her with additional stuff such as cards, imaginary kisses, multiple vitamins of love, etc.
Make and design your own moshy-mushy card to send it over.
Have someone (her sister, brother, aunt, maid...) make heart garlands and hang it on her room door with lots of love messages from you in between the garlands the night before V-day...I would love this kind of surprise!
Ooh..and add this cute hugable pillow with your garland gift! :)

2. get a representative..

I recall I was in my first year of college and got into my very first relationship with this sweet guy before I left the two days before. I had knew him for about 5 years and had a crush that long but he only told me his well-kept feelings two days before I left for college! It was the hardest to let go when I left. So V-day came and I thought oh well, I'll just stay in my room, join the college love day, and give him a love call. Guess what, I came back to my room, tired, worn-out from work and right there on my study desk...was the cutest thing ever!
I wish I had taken pictures of it (poor student, no camera that time). A colorful bowl bouquet and a simple note which signed his name. It turns out that he has asked his aunt to make the effort for him. It was one of the sweetest thing ever! I have experienced many sweet things like this in my life and I am really grateful that I am loved. Thanks to you who made the efforts.

Yes, make an effort to show you care, remember, and love. Be it a simple thing you ask someone to carry for you, be it cheap or expensive, show! Distance or near, do not hold back because it is true that action speaks louder than words and the impression your loved ones will get, will stay with them forever!
I wish to sit quietly and reminisce all the good times Hobbit and I had together through all the years this coming Valentine's day.

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