Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hopefully, Never Again!

Something happened the evening after our CNY lunch. Hobbit and I was watching our korean series "Shining Inheritance" and halfway through I my tummy was churning. I thought I was hungry and asked Hobbit to bring me a packet of milk. He came with the milk and I sipped half through. About half an hour after that, I felt nauseated and felt like throwing up. I told Hobbit about it and we left the series while Hobbit tried to comfort me in different ways. All of a sudden I was shaking, had the urge to "go" and threw up twice!

I felt better for a moment...but felt uncomfortable the whole night going back and forth, in and out of the restroom. I even had a series of nightmares and most of them were related to food that I ate. Weird but I guess it was the nausea that triggered all my senses to hate food almost immediately.

The next day, I couldn't get out of bed nor could I drink and eat anything. I slept at the guest room's bed since I get easy access whenever I felt like throwing up. My body was weak, my bones ached, and worst I was dehydrated. All I did was sleep until Hobbit insist that I go to the hospital. Even so, I couldn't pull myself together for I was too weak by noon time to even brush my teeth!

By 2pm, we were at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, a five minutes drive from our place. Hobbit went through everything and all I did was see the doctor. I was diagnosed with intestinal infection and thank God it wasn't serious. After downing two paracetamols, I felt better and was back to being myself for a few minutes. I suddenly realized that I was hungry. Thus we went into 7-eleven and bought some sunflower seeds (something I felt like eating) and several packets of instant porridge. Unfortunately, the minute I reached home, I felt like throwing up again. So I was back on bed the whole evening and eventually threw up again late at night. I couldn't bare the thought of me not eating and drinking the whole day, what more having nausea!

Finally, I asked Hobbit to pack a few clothes, toiletries and a hair brush (haha! My hair was nasty, didn't want to look horrid in the e-room). We left for BAH 2 hours after midnight. I was prepared to be admitted and have those IV stuck on me after. Yet, when I was in the e-room, the doctor didn't want to admit me because of my previous med. history! What?? I pleaded that he let me stay and get the IV for a day because I could feel as if my stomach was rubbing each other without anything in between...plus nausea attack. Arrgh that feeling! The doctor said a jab to reduce the nausea is more than sufficient because after that, I would be able to eat. I glared with big eyes. The nurse made me lie down on one of the beds and gave me a nice injection and told me that I could leave right after. Nevertheless, I fell asleep on the hospital bed for a good hour or two! When I woke up, the nurse asked if I was okay, and I said yes and walked out.

I managed to eat not less than 10 spoons of porridge that morning. The injection did work on me. I no longer felt nauseated and my fever slowly subsided. CNY holiday was prolonged a little but I thank God for healing. My worried Hobbit was so happy to see his missus back with colors again. It's good that he was on a week vacation because I couldn't imagine otherwise. When I got back to school, a colleague ask if I overdose with weight loss products and I smiled. I did lost a good kgs but I manage to gain appetite after 4 days without food. I hope I don't have to go through this again. I will watch what I eat next time...No more smoked salmon probably! :)

p/s: Thank you Hobbit, xoxo! :)

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