Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY - Refashioned Old Blouses

Wednesday Break

Thinking of her friend who is in the hospital --Nok.

I felt quite lonely this morning. Hobbit went to work, the house was quiet, my neighbors made no noise, the swimming pool that's usually loud was calm...I thought I would be doing some school work but my mind couldn't focus. So I went online and thought of continuing my Korean series but still...I felt like doing something different. Later I decided to pick up where I left on my sewing projects.

I have been searching for a long sleeved working shirt for almost 2 weeks now. Every time I found something close to what I was looking for, there is always something that stops me from buying. Perhaps refashioning old working clothes is not a bad idea after all! I could wear something old to school yet in a different style! :)
Right then, this amateur seamstress quickly examined her blouses! The red shaded baggy blouse (I don't know the specific name of such style) was bought before I went to EARCOS last year. When I wore it for the meeting, I felt like a small fish swimming in a big ocean! I wore it once to school and felt the same thing before it went into the to-donate category. The blue-colored shirt was from Platinum. Same thing, also swam in it but not as bad as the red one.
Since I have never done any major altering before, my hands were quite reluctant to refashion. What if I cut it too short and hey, there is no turning back once mistakes kiss the blouses...Then again I thought SO WHAT?? I was planning to donate it anyway, pretend it was already given. :)
I bravely changed the bobbin's thread to elastic thread and sew two inches above the end of the red blouse. It helps the blouse to shrink at its end and enables me to tuck-loose it while matching it with a mini skirt. Guess what? While I was sewing on the elastic thread, the second line went slightly off causing one end shorter than the other end. I didn't know what to do yet I tried it on and it fits just fine without others noticing the unevenness.
Moving on to the blue blouse, I decided to shorten the sleeves. I snipped what needed to, gathered on both sleeves before altering the wrist cover to the new length of the sleeves. This was the hardest part because you need to hold the gatherings and slit it into the wrist cover and sew. Lucky me to not suffer any pricks from the needles! Sewed back the buttons and I was done! The short sleeves were actually inspired by my white working shirt's sleeves. Amateur me was more than satisfied that it even crossed my mind to take up a second career--Full time seamstress!! Gah, dream on, ME.


Deanna Beryl said...

I LIKE! Please continue to share your DIY projects! :)

Hobbit Wife said...

Hey thanks Dee. I noticed you have a new home. Will check it out soon. :)

ita said...

i'm impressed aims! wished i knew how to sew on a button :D

Hobbit Wife said...

Hey Ita, you definitely can too! :)

Nok Irwin said...

i'm impressed!!!

Hobbit Wife said...

Thanks but you could do much more Nok! :)

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