Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY - Alter Unused Skirts

It's Tuesday Break.

Our school had asked us teachers and students from Kinders to Middle school to stay at home until Friday due to the flu outbreak. Thus here I am wondering how I could fill my days during these breaks besides doing school work.

After my short trip out with some friends yesterday, I came home and started rummaging a whole pile of to-give-away clothing. I found some skirts and some blouse, all still in good condition except I don't quite like how I look like when I am on them. So I decided to refashion! I am so inspired by My Mama Made It and thought if she can do it why not I. :)
These two skirts are only worn once or twice. This white skirt was bought 4 years ago from Ten&Co. I bought without trying it on and when I wore it, punya bida and made me look short. The grey-colored one was a bit tricky. It was bought from a korean branded outlet. It is sort of like a wrap skirt but not quite. There's a belt sewn to the waist and you need to adjust the belt so it could hold up the whole thing. Loved the material but not the hassle.

Then decided to shorten the white skirt and put and modify the waist of the grey skirt. I took off the belts, sew an inch around the waist line, made holes to both edges and inserted elastics. Viola! In less than 40 minutes, I transformed two skirts into something wearable. No more donating nor buying!

Coming up is a DIY on my old blouse!

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