Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Detox at Yanhee Hospital

About a year ago January, Hobbit and I decided to go for detox at Yanhee International Hospital. Detox or colon irrigation, according to Yanhee website, is a safe and painless method of cleansing the colon with 25 liters of warm purified water with 1 liter of water one at a time, which slowly released into the stomach via sterile tube inserted into the rectum 2 inches deep. While 1 liter of water is released into the intestines one at a time until such time that all the 25 liters of water is consumed. The patient would expel all the fecal matters out of the body through the rectum. This procedure is repeatedly done until such time that all the waste products from within is completely eliminated.

Yanhee is situated Charasanitwong road at Bang-O and it is quite a drive from the main city. This hospital is well known for its cosmetic/beauty surgery and is setting the standard for not just Thai plastic surgery, but World-Class plastic surgery with ISO 9000 certification. Sex change anyone? This hospital provides the service. :)

As soon as we arrived Yanhee by taxi, we noticed that the hospital is filled with people. Most of the staffs there are Thai but surprisingly there are a lot of Philippinos too! We were to provide our information and passports at the registration desk and were led to the detox department. I forgot which floor was it exactly. Hobbit and I then had to see the doctor and discuss about the pros and cons about detox and what type of detox we opted for. The doctor advised us to at least repeat the process for at least 3 times but until now we only had the opportunity to do it once.
The room
Hobbit's corner
My messy corner
We were then led to a room with two beds which has a separator so we wouldn't peep on each other while detoxing, tv set that you could watch while the process is on, a nice shower room and hospital clothes to wear while detoxing.
The water tank as I call it
The amount of water we had to finish. Half is left in this pic.
We changed and the process started. The first paragraph has explained exactly what process we went through so I wouldn't want to go into detail because it is quite...eeky to say! However, when the first round of water filled my stomach, I thought my tummy was going to burst! Finishing the 25L was quite hard but hey, we made it with lots of giggles, squirkings and amusements! When we were done, we took our shower, was given some sort of a herbal tea to drink, paid 900B and got a bottle of fiber supplements. We left starving! Haha!

If you are somewhere close to Las Vegas, check out rapid detox. While it is different from what I have experienced in Yanhee, it also provides a safe process of detox but in a different way. It uses advanced medication technique. This detox helps people addicted to opiates/narcotics overcome the bulk of physical addiction. The whole process lasts for about 8 hours under anesthesia and another 3 days of stay at their recovery center. The patient will get a one-on-one recovery care for the first 24 hours. According to the website, they focus on anesthetizing the patient safely and comfortably so the patient does not experience any of the intense withdrawal symptoms brought on by the aggressive and rapid detox process. In my opinion, it is a good way to help patient recover and have a thorough cleanse of their body. Pay them a visit or visit their website as mentioned earlier at this paragraph to know more about the program and the process overall.
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