Sunday, January 24, 2010

Phnom Penh #2(1)

Second day in hot and sunny Phnom Penh. I got up very early that morning due to an intolerable dream of a gigantic croaking frog! I woke up only to hear that the croak was but a loud snore! I took the opportunity to settle my morning 'duties' before everyone gets busy. By the time everyone was out of the room, the big round clock on the guesthouse wall read 10 minutes to 7am. The van uncle was already there waiting to take us for breakfast at the mission. While waiting for Mark and Steve to come out from their rooms, we sat inside the van for the weather wasn't all sunny that day. It started drizzling and as I was observing the busy street of PP. In less than a minute, a motorbike skidded then slipped in the middle of busy traffic due to slippery road. I guess the guy involved was in pain because he sat there while the crowd helped him together with his motorbike to get to the side of the street. He rested there until we left the place. Amazing Phnom Penh!

For breakfast, we had french bread + Cambodian beef curry, fruits and bread. We all loved the sliced french bread dipped into the curry. It was definitely delicious and unforgettable! Chervie asked what one particular thing I encountered throughout my trip that could make me want to go back to Phnom Penh again...I think I haven't really answered her question because I tried hard not to think of ~FOOD~ as my answer. Come to think of it, the one thing will still be food, as in the french bread +beef curry Cambodian all the historical places we visited!

Cambodian White HouseCambodian Commercial Bank
Maybank in Phnom Penh
Everybody then got busy for church. Since we decided to move to another guesthouse, the four boys (Hobbit +Z+ M+S) and I decided to hop on a joy ride, in an utterly slow and steady van + van uncle, drove all the way back to our Skypark Guesthouse! Well, you are not allowed to drive past 50 on the speed meter in the PP city. Otherwise you will either meet sudden motocycle ghosts appearing from left, right, front, back without a signal or you might end up in a road mess. It is almost like Bangkok except that PP win on motorbikes count! :) So, we checked out and moved to a "better" room in Okay Guesthouse which was quite close to the waterfront and the king's palace. This room was at $22/night for 4 in a room. Again, Hobbit and I stayed with our parents.
Houses along the way to the Mission
Even bigger than houses in BkkThe church from outsideBy the time we reached church, everything was sort of over. That was how "slow" our joyride was. Meanwhile, I did get the chance to glimpse the worship culture in this church. Solemn, active and filled with great music! I also got to meet some familiar faces that shared most of my fun years in college. It was so nice to see them in their homeland doing so well.

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