Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Christmas Train

This story is from Signs of the Times, December 2007.

Did you ever pray for something you didn't get? Has God "let you down"? If so, Francis Soper's story may help you understand what happened.

Dr. Iddings Bell tells of a small boy who saw and electric train in a department store window some time before Christmas. "I'm going to pray every night that God will send me that train," he told his mother. But his mother was a widow who did sewing to support the family, and she knew that she could not purchase the present for her son. She was afraid he would be deeply disappointed if God did not answer his prayer.

At Christmas there was no train. That night the mother knelt beside her son as he prayed, and said, "I hope, John, that you are not terribly distressed because God did not answer your request for the train." The boy looked up at his mother and replied, "Why, Mother, God answered me all right. he said, 'No.' "

Yeah, either God said 'No' or 'Wait.' Either way, I am about to give up on what I am asking for. :( Today at garage sale, a parent of my student gave me a small packet of weight-loss products. She said "try it even though you are already slim...It's for health!" Then she went on saying "I have been praying for a slimmer body like you but either this product doesn't work on me or it says wait a little bit more...keep taking..." I laughed. Was her prayer answered for what she asked for?

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