Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Central: End of Season Sale January 2010

If someone throws you a flier that shows the below content:

What's happening? It's Central End of Season Sale!
What time? From January 7-31, 2010

Where exactly? At all branches of Central

What's the offer? Great offer...

30-70% off selected product brands

20% off participating brands of Electronics

10-50% off counters bearing the sign "Central Let's Celebrate 2010"

Will you (girls) be running to the store the next day and take your pick?? Me?? Yes...No...Yes...No.


Why? Well, it would be yes for the sake of window shopping, a nice stroll, holding Hobbit's hands, amusing self with extravagant price tags oh la la but.....

No for the sake of insurance quote signed up recently, payment this and payment that back home that I recently commit myself to. I sure glad I did!

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