Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guesthouses close to MBK

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I am putting this post which I wrote about a year ago here because some friends needed some details. You know who you are! Glad you're coming!!! ^_^

It was a nice Monday morning and a friend had requested for help in organizing his family vacation. Well, since I've been doing this for him and others in the past, I was thrilled to be asked again. So Hobbit and I kicked off our sleepy butts out of bed and were ready in no time. This time we decided to check out cheap places to stay nearby MBK. We know many of our friends who visit Bangkok merely for shopping reasons want to stay close by to major shopping malls. Nah, here are several places you can consider IF you love MBK, Paragon, Siam Centre and the like to pieces! We only picked out the good, decent ones although there are many other inns and guesthouses (mostly run down and old) around.
We got down from National Stadium BTS stop opposite MBK and walked into Soi Kasemsan 1 at Rama 1 Road:
Soi Kasemsan 1
The first place, also the place we favored most was Reno Hotel. Yes they have a website. It attracted us so much because of its serene atmosphere and elegant. Of course it cost a little bit more but the price range is only between a hundred baht to two hundred baht more compared to other so-so places around. What delighted us more was the cafe. We spotted one farang (foreigner) was enjoying the breeze outside Reno's cafe while sipping his hot latte and reading the papers. It must be the outdoor plants that adds to the magic! The receptionist were friendly and spoke good English. While negotiating about the rooms etc, unfortunately the dates we opted for was fully booked and they have no rooms to show us for they're all occupied. See...you have to book earlier if you want to stay here! It's a hot spot! Don't forget to visit their website for further info about room rates etc.
Outside Reno Cafe
Walking further down was Wendy House. They also have their own website (don't play-play). It's not a bad one too. Just that when we inquire about the rooms, the receptionist were a little unsure about things around. For example, we asked if extra bed is permitted in a double bed room and if it was okay to bunk in 4 in a room. She gave us several minutes until she gets the boss to personally deal with our two simple questions! Anyhow the boss was friendly and also informed us that her place is FULLY BOOKED on our requested date. She stressed that even if you want to book for today, there's only one room available! Huh, there goes...indicating her place is a hot spot too! Laughing
Then we walked back closer to the entrance of the Soi Kasemsan 1 and walked into Muangphol Mansion. Do check out their website thanks to me for this free promo! Shish! Okay, so we waited for 5 minutes to be attended and when we did, the receptionist gave us this look with BIG question mark on her forehead saying "WHAT YOU WANT HUH??" So we told her that we were looking for rooms available on so and so date. So she went on and on and on and the on made us leave the place. Thank you Muangphol Mansion for the kind ONs. Actually one of the things they wanted to know is when exactly is my friend's family arriving and what was the exact time and and and that they need to wait for another day for availability bla bla.
Heck, most places were fully booked. We were getting hungry! Now right in front of the National Stadium BTS stairs (still opposite MBK) is another place you could consider for a short stay -- Krit Thai Mansion. As soon as we stepped inside, there is this funny smell, a smell of a run down place but hold your horses...it's not that bad. It's just the smell! The receptionist was extra friendly with beautiful smile and well-dressed in a suit! Hehe...At least she showed standards. Well, after a short preview, this place is decent after all that I ended up booking 4 twin rooms that cost 980B each. A good bargain considering the location and area. They allowed us to reserve without any deposit as long as we called them the day before to confirm. Easy! Before I forget, a few walks up at Soi Kasemsan 2 is Jim Thompson's House Museum. It's open to locals and tourists. So if you have time to spare, why not take a few relaxing walk and enjoy classic!
You'll see this once you step down the BTS stairs opp. MBK

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorry, it's a NO!

Amy has recently grown out of her "pleasing" mindset. She has figured that this kind of mindset was good while it lasted but in a long run it just does no good. All one gets in return are piled up burdens and self-forced responsibility that one will find hard to live with.

So as for this riviera maya month...
Festive seasons...gifts...travel...celebrations...weddings...boozes...Amy is sorry to have said yes to you but turned you down. It's a mistake but no intention to ...Her hands are tied. She has figured the best solution to solve the maths. She don't always have to trust Einstein because hey, what good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self??

No, it's not about you, you nor you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Run for the Future Marathon

water softeners
The Run for the Future marathon sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank Bangkok took place on November 22, 2009. Hobbit and I decided to join the fun and signed up for the 5km.

That morning, we woke up at about 4am, had breakfast and left to meet up with Chervie and Zico at B.10. We hopped on a taxi that drove insanely all the way from Ekamai to Wat Pra Kaew and there we were welcomed by hundreds of others who joined the run. We thought our 5km would start at about 7am but many got too excited that they shoved off the starting point way earlier! :)

The breezy and chilly weather made it just nice for the run. We ran across nearby streets and returned to where we first started. It was really a run for fun since we hardly sweat! Five kilometeres is considered an accomplishment since two kilometers exist! We claimed our medals, forsook MC Donalds and headed to China town where we had our rare "goose" brunch!

There is another similar run along the BTS today. It was a run for the King's birthday and in to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BTS! If it wasn't for *toot*, we would have joined! <_>
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