Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sick #1

Went to school thinking I could get through the day. Perhaps I should have heeded his advice. Stay home.

My first time this year getting sick and I thank God for that. It must be the weather...I refuse to think further. One typical thing when I fall sick is that sickness will only really kiss me goodbye after TWO weeks. Typical sign is when my voice gets "seasonal" followed by deafness and then the run and catch game. Another abnormal sign...I would ignore whatsoever is happening around me such as thanksgiving (barn party), my own birthday party (when I was a kid) and become less friendly and basically stone cold so to say.

I miss jogging! I miss my fitness equipment and I really miss jogging.

Just a little...I am afraid of the seasonal flu, H1N1 and so the like. Quickly googled symptoms and I guess not yet. Tomorrow is important for some of my students. I promise fancy lunch will be on. If I don't get well, someone still have to drag me out of bed!

Get well soon me.

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