Sunday, November 8, 2009

Khun Churn Visit

Sabbath was well spent yesterday even though we missed SML because we were with good companies. Our morning started at 11am, a lunch date with my ex-colleague and also good friend, A. Since we have difficulties spending time together except for the regular hi and byes, we decided to spend time and go for our "love" we share together -- vegetarian food.
pic.courtesy of durianseed.My camera konked out!
After dealing with the morning traffic at Sukhumvit road, Hobbit and I met with A at this exquisite but modest Thai vegetarian restaurant called Khun Churn. I was enthralled upon entering the place and for a second I thought I was about to dine in a five star-rated, zen influenced, modern concept restaurant and just like that, I got my first impression.
By the time we arrived, A was already there with some savory appetizers she kindly ordered on the table. Not to waste time, we immediately got the menus and ordered the entrees. Browsing through, I was thrilled to see the variety of thai food made into mocks! They have huge range of dishes from mieang ta krai bai cha pla to khao soy and larb Esarn. As I was told, this is the only Thai macrobiotic restaurant in Bangkok that serves organic vegetables and brown rice.
Hobbit's favorite dish
Before you regret to have ordered more on your table, let me ease you a bit that the price stated with each dish on the menu are moderate in price. One dish for 2-3 person roughly cost about 100b-150b. For such delectable and tasty food, I say all is worth the $$. Hobbit commented later that day, "I could live being a vegetarian my whole life if that kind of culinary is what I get everyday!" Thanks A for the treat! :)

To go there, here's the address:
Bangkok Mediplex Building
Ground floor, next to Ekamai BTS station.
Tel: 0-2713-6599

Okay, how did I ever got to write so much about Khun Churn? I need a free treat for promoting them here lol! Anyway, we were again blessed by the practices we had yesterday evening and of course I also enjoyed my small Orlando vacations and ice-cream treat on the way home.

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