Monday, November 2, 2009

I Love Gelate!

It was our school fair yesterday but I didn't took notice of it till it lasted. I was too busy helping with the coupon booth and had fun in the trading business! Somewhere around noon we took off to Central world there again, I had GELATE--my daily treat since two weeks ago. I never had this, ask Hobbit but the past two weeks I have grown attached to this one sinfully delicious brand of ice-cream that I don't know if you could...but I surely can't resist. By that I mean here...I'm stealing this image from a lovely blogger who also made the right pick--Gelate!

You just have to get closer and kiss the glass that separates between you and ice-cream and make a slight poke to it to have one! My favorite one is Black forest. Oh, don't worry about your waist line, low fat calories people :)! Btw, here's motorhome insurance for ads. of the day.
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