Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I have a thanksgiving printed table cloth but not so close to celebrating one.
I missed the school thanksgiving party this year and everyone said it was fun.
I have half of a chicken 5-star inside my fridge too bad it ain't any turkey...
I have winter melon to cool me down but not pumpkins to make me pie.
I basically have nothing at home that indicates thanksgiving is a celebration that should be celebrated!

Anyhow, despite the paragraph above, I have so much to be thankful for. Here goes in random:

I am thankful for families that I don't get to see so very often.

I am thankful for clean water that flows down my tap.

I am thankful for being a mix blood (Kadazandusun-Chinese)eventhough sometimes being one gives big confusion.

I am thankful for our imaginary kids Babb, Puput and Kiki who give Hobbit and I hell of laugh when the house seemed too empty.

I am thankful for getting a "spanking" complain from parents in school because this means they care about their kids.

I am thankful for having a stove that goes tit...tiiit...tit rather than katik...katik...katik (sound of a lighter >_<) or hoooo...hoooooo...hoooooo (blowing kayu api)!

I am thankful for having the Malaysian bunch as part of my family because they constantly remind me of my lahs and bahs!

I am thankful for my close friends in school who keeps me sane when I am insane.

I am thankful for my Twinhead laptop eventhough cursed but still loyal to this day.

I am thankful for our very first "brand new" car that loves to visit the workshop and Wash & Shine every month just to get pampered.

I am thankful for fellow readers who just read and browse away. :)

I am thankful for office supplies from the snack bar.

I am thankful for debts that knock on my door every end of the month.

I am thankful for Facebook for reasons everyone knows.

I am thankful for SML for the fellowship, good food and GOD.

I am thankful for creativity that I once thought I've lost but thankfully not.

I am thankful for being hot tempered because I have more reason to talk with God.

I am thankful for health and working senses.

I am thankful for Hobbit who showers me with LOVE.

I am thankful for life because I know it is God's gift.

I am thankful for being thankful because...

I simply feel blessed.

So, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ^_^

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