Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dinner with Irene & Family

Hobbit and I had a pleasant dinner with Stepherine and her family at Baiyoke Sky Restaurant. Meeting her again brought back lots of high school memories. We talked as much as the variety of food we had and we laughed as much as the number of years we had lost without keeping in touch. It has been about 12 years long since we last picked on each other, rummaged food every now and then during class time, gossiped about our counterparts and had braiding hair sessions! We knew how to keep ourselves busy when Sejarah class was stagnant on the globe, how to snooze when Cikgu Catherine rambled about grammar and how to sneak out when Cikgu Jenny lets ketua kelas Jason takes charge!
All the joy and pain of high school we shared suddenly came to life again while reminiscing over our shared sushi! Back to reality...We were both happily married and she is blessed with a cute boy Aaron. Twelve years did change us to who we are today but one thing those years didn't take away from us were our "old-fashioned" friendship. Did I mention I knew her husband way back before I knew her? I thought I got the wrong person but I was very sure of how he looked like before. It was good to know Irene got herself a fine chap too! :)
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