Monday, November 2, 2009

Balloons from Diwali

Note: An apartment could be double storey if one is willing to spend free home designer consultation and that cost a lot of money, you realtor!

After school fair and a cup of good treat, Hobbit and I had the nicest treat--Indian cooking right out of the kitchen!
Ssometime last month (I forgot when) the Hindus celebrated Diwali, or to the Malaysians - Dipavali celebration, the parents of Hobbit's students had invited us to their open house. Being away from home too long I somehow have forgotten the polite gesture of accepting the invite. Before we left our home I knew I had to bring something so that we don't feel awkward about coming empty handed but I got my hands full that the idea didn't revisit my head.
The minute we stepped into this warm family's home, "stoopidoos" honked me and totally felt embarrassed for not bringing any buah tangan in exchange to the kindness we received. Oh well, it didn't took Hobbit and I long to feel at home not to mention how many times our eyeballs popped while prying on the redolent food!
When we guests hovered around the table to eat, the host said a kind "ah makan lagi...tambah 2nd round.." I gestured a sheepish green and said "oh cukup...dah kenyang..." Dah kenyang apa... Truth to myself I was full but I wanted to eat more! Patting my tummy, I quickly slugged my juice and went for the second round of biryani, papadam and tikka! More food and more food after that.
Hobbit's students

Coming home last night, we brought two huge balloons snuggled into our stomachs. Where there is food, life is always good! :)

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