Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Day to December

Last day of November. Hobbit and I are very much in a holiday mood already. Our house is currently in a big mess since we are getting ready to pack things into our luggage. So imagine thinking of what to bring, what not to, what to give away, what to save, what to hand down to our brothers and sisters, etc. This happened after we came home from a small shopping spree! We spent almost the whole day mall hopping trying to get stuff for ourselves and families back home. Thinking of what to buy for others is tough but thinking of how to bring it all the way to Cambodia then to Malaysia is even tougher! So this year family and friends, don't be surprise if your gifts will come in size "SS"! The rooms in our luggage are fully booked as for now, thank you.

Nothing to do with shopping, my neck is still hurting. My darling pillow is to blame or is it my many weird dreams that made me "zigzag" all night? Tonight I must sleep well...Otherwise Fancy Lunch wouldn't be as fancy and I would end up listening to my students talk about his brother being in drug rehab again...Kids nowadays...Tell them nothing because every bit of information they know...will somehow get spit out of their mouth without them realizing it! :)


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