Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Day to December

Last day of November. Hobbit and I are very much in a holiday mood already. Our house is currently in a big mess since we are getting ready to pack things into our luggage. So imagine thinking of what to bring, what not to, what to give away, what to save, what to hand down to our brothers and sisters, etc. This happened after we came home from a small shopping spree! We spent almost the whole day mall hopping trying to get stuff for ourselves and families back home. Thinking of what to buy for others is tough but thinking of how to bring it all the way to Cambodia then to Malaysia is even tougher! So this year family and friends, don't be surprise if your gifts will come in size "SS"! The rooms in our luggage are fully booked as for now, thank you.

Nothing to do with shopping, my neck is still hurting. My darling pillow is to blame or is it my many weird dreams that made me "zigzag" all night? Tonight I must sleep well...Otherwise Fancy Lunch wouldn't be as fancy and I would end up listening to my students talk about his brother being in drug rehab again...Kids nowadays...Tell them nothing because every bit of information they know...will somehow get spit out of their mouth without them realizing it! :)


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charmaine's Birthday

So good to celebrate birthday at Dine@7 again today.
It was for Charmaine's birthday.
Happy Birthday Charmaine! ^_^

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I have a thanksgiving printed table cloth but not so close to celebrating one.
I missed the school thanksgiving party this year and everyone said it was fun.
I have half of a chicken 5-star inside my fridge too bad it ain't any turkey...
I have winter melon to cool me down but not pumpkins to make me pie.
I basically have nothing at home that indicates thanksgiving is a celebration that should be celebrated!

Anyhow, despite the paragraph above, I have so much to be thankful for. Here goes in random:

I am thankful for families that I don't get to see so very often.

I am thankful for clean water that flows down my tap.

I am thankful for being a mix blood (Kadazandusun-Chinese)eventhough sometimes being one gives big confusion.

I am thankful for our imaginary kids Babb, Puput and Kiki who give Hobbit and I hell of laugh when the house seemed too empty.

I am thankful for getting a "spanking" complain from parents in school because this means they care about their kids.

I am thankful for having a stove that goes tit...tiiit...tit rather than katik...katik...katik (sound of a lighter >_<) or hoooo...hoooooo...hoooooo (blowing kayu api)!

I am thankful for having the Malaysian bunch as part of my family because they constantly remind me of my lahs and bahs!

I am thankful for my close friends in school who keeps me sane when I am insane.

I am thankful for my Twinhead laptop eventhough cursed but still loyal to this day.

I am thankful for our very first "brand new" car that loves to visit the workshop and Wash & Shine every month just to get pampered.

I am thankful for fellow readers who just read and browse away. :)

I am thankful for office supplies from the snack bar.

I am thankful for debts that knock on my door every end of the month.

I am thankful for Facebook for reasons everyone knows.

I am thankful for SML for the fellowship, good food and GOD.

I am thankful for creativity that I once thought I've lost but thankfully not.

I am thankful for being hot tempered because I have more reason to talk with God.

I am thankful for health and working senses.

I am thankful for Hobbit who showers me with LOVE.

I am thankful for life because I know it is God's gift.

I am thankful for being thankful because...

I simply feel blessed.

So, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ^_^

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make Up Brush Folder

The simple roll bag
I went window shopping after tutoring two weeks ago. What suppose to divert my mind from teaching turned into a shopping spree. I got things I instantly don't need that went under the barcode scanners! Tucked in the car ready to go home, I looked into the bag... and cursed.
plain simple
I went home and thought about how I could utilize the roll bag and within 24 hours I knew it had to go under the needle! Took out all my make-up brushes and did the broken maths...
Soon after I found myself showing off to Hobbit that I managed to find my brushes a new home. Simple thing, everyone can fly do.
with dividers according to brushes' size

longer now

Sick #1

Went to school thinking I could get through the day. Perhaps I should have heeded his advice. Stay home.

My first time this year getting sick and I thank God for that. It must be the weather...I refuse to think further. One typical thing when I fall sick is that sickness will only really kiss me goodbye after TWO weeks. Typical sign is when my voice gets "seasonal" followed by deafness and then the run and catch game. Another abnormal sign...I would ignore whatsoever is happening around me such as thanksgiving (barn party), my own birthday party (when I was a kid) and become less friendly and basically stone cold so to say.

I miss jogging! I miss my fitness equipment and I really miss jogging.

Just a little...I am afraid of the seasonal flu, H1N1 and so the like. Quickly googled symptoms and I guess not yet. Tomorrow is important for some of my students. I promise fancy lunch will be on. If I don't get well, someone still have to drag me out of bed!

Get well soon me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon 2009

***Haven't watch New Moon? No? Then this might be half the spoiler***
"Hey Chris Weitz, thumbs up!"
Call me a fan or a freak...
I still think I am neither...but...
the next date I am aiming for is June 30th, 2010.
That's the date for ECLIPSE.
I personally love New Moon better than Twilight--
The Cullens-apartments for rent??
Waited patiently for the birthday scene at the Cullens...
I read the book that's why.
Then the seperation between Bella and Edward
and I could almost feel the pain...
That pain and emptiness I once felt.
Moving on to the spinning of October, November, December scene...
One of my favorite part because...
somehow I think the scene was "stolen"
from my memory many years ago in college...
When I was broken and left alone.
The werewolves barked
and boy did Taylor Lautner's teeth shine...
Forget about his packs you can take it!
I still want his teeth.
Ashley Greene, I love your hair, outfit
especially the scarf you wore...
The volterra fight scene,
not my type of Edward in red.
Come the ending part,
"I do!" Enough said.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Balance Your Hormone

I got this tips from my favorite blog The Regenade Health Show.

If you think that the symptoms of hormone imbalance are limited to the discomforts of PMS, hot flashes, and other common menopausal discomforts, and that the solution is medication or “white knuckling it”, you’re not alone.

Hormone imbalances contribute to a myriad of common complaints that most people don’t consider hormone related, including inability to shed excess body fat, fatigue, hair loss, palpitations, skin problems, and a host of others. Chronic and debilitating diseases like fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease are hormone related as well.

There are 7 essential, yet often overlooked strategies for balancing your hormones that are crucial keys to living a vibrant, healthy and balanced life.

1) Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude. Stress is one of the key contributors to hormone imbalance. When you’re in a stressful situation, your body produces a cascade of chemicals—hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters –– that mobilize your body to escape or fight. This is what’s often known as fight flight mode, and most Americans live there 24/7. When this is chronic, the excessive demands of on your adrenal glands, the “stress soldiers”, causes less nutrients and hormone precursors to be available to make other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. Studies show that you can transform a stressful state through the power of deep breathing and appreciation. Take frequent deep breathing and appreciation breaks throughout the day to support your hormones.

2) Get Enough Sleep. While there is not a one size fits all prescription concerning the amount of sleep you need, you do need to figure out what your body really requires, and get it on a consistent basis. During sleep, your body takes out the broom and mop and goes to work cleaning up from the “mess” of the day. Insufficient sleep will leave you tired from the metabolic debris that doesn’t get cleaned up and will throw your hormones into a tailspin. One particular hormone, called leptin, is particularly sensitive to variations in sleep cycle. Leptin controls your appetite and metabolic rate. Insufficient sleep will result in lower leptin levels leading to slower metabolism and weight gain.

3) Optimize your Digestion. Eating on the run, eating processed foods, trans fat containing foods and hard to digest, heavy meals will lead to undigested food particles, damage to your digestive track and physical stress. This can affect the adrenal glands just as significantly as physiological stress, leading to the same hormone imbalances as being “stressed-out”. Stick to unprocessed, whole fresh foods, eaten slowly and with gratitude. You can also take enzymes and probiotics to help your digestion purr.

4) Avoid plastic drinking and food containers. These contain what’s known as xenoestrogens, which are estrogen look alikes that bind to estrogen receptors. Xenoestrogens can cause endometriosis, ovarian cysts, breast cancer and fetal abnormalities. Other sources of xenoestrogens are detergents, some skin lotions and soaps, commercially raised meat and dairy, spermicides, and herbicides. The xenoestrogens leach from the plastic food containers into the food or water. Heat increases the amount of xenoestrogen that gets into the food or water. Use ceramic or glass as much as possible, NEVER heat anything in a plastic container,and use only pure, chemical free body and home care products.

5) Do periodic cleansing. Your liver works hard to keep your blood clean, but the overwhelming number of toxins from both external and internal sources can overwhelm its capacity. As a result, toxins are stored in fat, leading to resistant weight loss. In addition, when the liver is overburdened by toxins it can’t adequately convert “used” hormones, to water soluble forms for excretion. As a result, these”used” hormones recirculate and bind to hormone receptors, thus displacing the active hormones. This is particularly problematic for estrogen, and can lead to such symptoms as PMS, hot flashes, mood swings and uncomfortable menses. Periodic breaks in the action with a green juice or green smoothie cleanse can restore balance.

6) Eat plenty of sea greens. In addition to containing all the minerals known to be important in human health, and most likely many that have yet to be discovered, sea vegetables are powerful detoxifiers. They have the ability to bind heavy metals and carry them out of the body. Heavy metals can disrupt hormone balance. A study in 1998 in the Journal of Human Reproduction linked heavy metals with recurrent miscarriage. Their conclusion was that heavy metals negatively impacted both ovarian and pituitary function. Sea vegetables are especially important for thyroid hormone hormone production, as they contain iodine, a mineral that’s deficient in land vegetables due to mineral depletion of our soils. Studies have shown that a particular species of the sea vegetable kombu, called laminaria digitata actually contains T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones.

7) Run away from heated fats. When heated above about 118 degrees, unsaturated fats oxidize, producing free radicals that damage your glands, organs and cells. Free radical damage is one of the key underlying causes of hormone imbalance and most other health challenges. The heated oils disrupt your natural production of prostaglandins, small messengers that regulate everything from hormone production to smooth muscle contraction. Eat fats in their raw and unprocessed state and be sure to get enough omega 3 fatty acids daily, in the form of chia seed, flax seed, hemp seed, pumpkin seed and blue green algae.

Hormone balance is a complicated process. When the miami vacation packages conditions are right, your glands will function normally and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel. It takes a bit of time and diligence to make the lifestyle and diet changes needed to have healthy hormone balance, and it’s worth it. Give yourself time to incorporate the changes. Seek the support of a natural health practitioner who can personalize your program, and add specific herbs and foods that support your uniqueness. Remember to stay focused on the solution rather than the problem, and appreciate the choices in front of you. While this is not a comprehensive list,it’s a great place for you to start to balance your hormones and live a happy, healthy life.

2am Bottle Bag

I have been wanting to make my own bottle bag. So the last week of October after tutoring in the evening, I locked myself in my study room (which obviously is my sewing room now) and did all the measuring, cutting, pinning, more cutting and sewing until viola!

Dinner with Irene & Family

Hobbit and I had a pleasant dinner with Stepherine and her family at Baiyoke Sky Restaurant. Meeting her again brought back lots of high school memories. We talked as much as the variety of food we had and we laughed as much as the number of years we had lost without keeping in touch. It has been about 12 years long since we last picked on each other, rummaged food every now and then during class time, gossiped about our counterparts and had braiding hair sessions! We knew how to keep ourselves busy when Sejarah class was stagnant on the globe, how to snooze when Cikgu Catherine rambled about grammar and how to sneak out when Cikgu Jenny lets ketua kelas Jason takes charge!
All the joy and pain of high school we shared suddenly came to life again while reminiscing over our shared sushi! Back to reality...We were both happily married and she is blessed with a cute boy Aaron. Twelve years did change us to who we are today but one thing those years didn't take away from us were our "old-fashioned" friendship. Did I mention I knew her husband way back before I knew her? I thought I got the wrong person but I was very sure of how he looked like before. It was good to know Irene got herself a fine chap too! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009


Many say life is fragile, life is precious, live like there is no tomorrow, we only live once yadda yadda...mp3 players...I thought there are truths in these sayings.

Yesterday morning a friend shared with me a message from a group of Indonesians who think that 2012 will be the end of the world. I listened to what my friend has to say about it and it kept me wonder...Why can't people focus on appreciating life despite digging and predicting too much about the end of the world with their own wisdom?

Well, I laid all the thoughts down and taught all my classes for the day yesterday until my phone rang. Nok suggested that we go watch a movie. I wasn't sure if I was interested because I was broke and still will be broke until our next pay check sets in. However, she offered to buy the tickets. Really?? My excitement did swell but I was still reluctant until she told me about the movie we were going to watch--2012. Hmmm...I encountered this number twice today. Should I buy a lottery ticket? hehehe...
After an easy persuasion, Nok finally bought me to the movie *thanx ladynok*. Overall to what I can say (as a lousy reviewer), it was a Noah & the Ark wannabe! I enjoyed the graphics immensely though but I can't tolerate the smell of rotten socks! Screw-driver was the person who sat behind us. Thanks for giving me "cinematic-asthma" the whole 21/2 hours! I tried to doubt it the moment I was about to leave my seat but apparently the guy was just about to put his shoes on and preserve the smell! Arrrggghhh how I hate stinky socks!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Khun Churn Visit

Sabbath was well spent yesterday even though we missed SML because we were with good companies. Our morning started at 11am, a lunch date with my ex-colleague and also good friend, A. Since we have difficulties spending time together except for the regular hi and byes, we decided to spend time and go for our "love" we share together -- vegetarian food.
pic.courtesy of durianseed.My camera konked out!
After dealing with the morning traffic at Sukhumvit road, Hobbit and I met with A at this exquisite but modest Thai vegetarian restaurant called Khun Churn. I was enthralled upon entering the place and for a second I thought I was about to dine in a five star-rated, zen influenced, modern concept restaurant and just like that, I got my first impression.
By the time we arrived, A was already there with some savory appetizers she kindly ordered on the table. Not to waste time, we immediately got the menus and ordered the entrees. Browsing through, I was thrilled to see the variety of thai food made into mocks! They have huge range of dishes from mieang ta krai bai cha pla to khao soy and larb Esarn. As I was told, this is the only Thai macrobiotic restaurant in Bangkok that serves organic vegetables and brown rice.
Hobbit's favorite dish
Before you regret to have ordered more on your table, let me ease you a bit that the price stated with each dish on the menu are moderate in price. One dish for 2-3 person roughly cost about 100b-150b. For such delectable and tasty food, I say all is worth the $$. Hobbit commented later that day, "I could live being a vegetarian my whole life if that kind of culinary is what I get everyday!" Thanks A for the treat! :)

To go there, here's the address:
Bangkok Mediplex Building
Ground floor, next to Ekamai BTS station.
Tel: 0-2713-6599

Okay, how did I ever got to write so much about Khun Churn? I need a free treat for promoting them here lol! Anyway, we were again blessed by the practices we had yesterday evening and of course I also enjoyed my small Orlando vacations and ice-cream treat on the way home.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Balloons from Diwali

Note: An apartment could be double storey if one is willing to spend free home designer consultation and that cost a lot of money, you realtor!

After school fair and a cup of good treat, Hobbit and I had the nicest treat--Indian cooking right out of the kitchen!
Ssometime last month (I forgot when) the Hindus celebrated Diwali, or to the Malaysians - Dipavali celebration, the parents of Hobbit's students had invited us to their open house. Being away from home too long I somehow have forgotten the polite gesture of accepting the invite. Before we left our home I knew I had to bring something so that we don't feel awkward about coming empty handed but I got my hands full that the idea didn't revisit my head.
The minute we stepped into this warm family's home, "stoopidoos" honked me and totally felt embarrassed for not bringing any buah tangan in exchange to the kindness we received. Oh well, it didn't took Hobbit and I long to feel at home not to mention how many times our eyeballs popped while prying on the redolent food!
When we guests hovered around the table to eat, the host said a kind "ah makan lagi...tambah 2nd round.." I gestured a sheepish green and said "oh cukup...dah kenyang..." Dah kenyang apa... Truth to myself I was full but I wanted to eat more! Patting my tummy, I quickly slugged my juice and went for the second round of biryani, papadam and tikka! More food and more food after that.
Hobbit's students

Coming home last night, we brought two huge balloons snuggled into our stomachs. Where there is food, life is always good! :)

I Love Gelate!

It was our school fair yesterday but I didn't took notice of it till it lasted. I was too busy helping with the coupon booth and had fun in the trading business! Somewhere around noon we took off to Central world there again, I had GELATE--my daily treat since two weeks ago. I never had this, ask Hobbit but the past two weeks I have grown attached to this one sinfully delicious brand of ice-cream that I don't know if you could...but I surely can't resist. By that I mean here...I'm stealing this image from a lovely blogger who also made the right pick--Gelate!

You just have to get closer and kiss the glass that separates between you and ice-cream and make a slight poke to it to have one! My favorite one is Black forest. Oh, don't worry about your waist line, low fat calories people :)! Btw, here's motorhome insurance for ads. of the day.
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