Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How To Have A Good Day!

One student came up to me all of a sudden one day and ask, "Ma'am, do you know how to have a good day?" My immediate answer was "Of course. Just smile from the minute you wake up in the morning and keep it that way throughout the day." Then she tilted her eyebrows and said, "but how can we smile all the time? Don't you get tired?" Then I said "well, I didn't ask you to literally smile all the time but at least the smile will somehow lead us to being positive the whole day." Long story short, this girl asked me that question just because someone told her to "have a good day today." How sweet right? Story told, it kept me thinking of how often do we train our minds think positively the moment we wake up. Online life insurance...Well, a few months back I found this article from wiki and it has several pointers that can help us start our day well.

First thing first...

Smile. You loose nothing by giving out a free smile isn't it?



And these follows...

3. Have a good night sleep
4. Eat breakfast
5. Invite friends over
6. Be spontaneous
7. Don't concentrate on the negative
8. Do something you're scared off

Not hard at all eh? :)

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