Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gloom Bag

It was raining heavily outside and I had time to kill after 2 hours of full swing tutoring. Didn't want to stuff myself on food like Hobbit thus the best weight loss supplements I could think of of them was sewing. So I walked into the study room and rummaged through all the fabrics I have and thought I would come up with something and within seconds I was busy measuring and cutting across fabrics and felts!
Due to my impatient nature, I accidentally damaged my roller cutter. I rolled it over the board off the board onto my ceramic floor! Very careless indeed that I had to turn myself over to fabric scissors to finish all the cutting and trimming job. I had fun and it sure did help me overcome the melancholic weather outside. Thus I want to call this completed project the Gloom Bag despite the blossom!


Deanna Beryl said...

I LIKE YOUR BAG! You should do more and SELL THEM! :) I spot talent here =)

Hobbit Wife said...

Hi Dee, thanks but I think I'm not that good yet lah. I can only make for fun and learning purposes. Maybe one day when I lost my job I can consider haha! :)

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