Friday, October 2, 2009

All By Myself

The title of this post used to be my favorite song during my Celine Dion days. Coming home from the retreat today somehow puts me automatically into the mood of that song. While emptying all my bags and putting stuff to where they belong, I thought it was easy to do it all by myself. So I was very determined to finish my easy-peasy chores until I was ready to eat dinner and shower. For as long as I know, dinner would always be served if I was too tired to get up and cook by myself. But it didn't happen today. I had to force my lazy bum to get up and raid the fridge to feed my tummy! Oh, the many dishes and coffee makers...Where is my Hobbit? Again as I walked into the shower, I left something outside the shower room and usually I just have to yell for what I need and things will come my way but hey, then I remembered that I was all by myself! Ahh, this feeling of loneliness...I want you to quickly expire! :)

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