Saturday, October 17, 2009

Acid Test

Damien said I should undergo an acid test to see if I fit to own a dslr camera. So he ensembles his Olympus E250 and handed it to me. Woooh! I thought I just carried a bunch of truck accessories or something because his camera, with all the additional lenses and flash almost have the same weight as I on the weighing scale.

Even if, with all my strength and might I tried fiddling with some of the functions on the Olympus and did some shots. As soon as I lifted the camera, Damien chanted non-stop of how I flimsily held his toy (mentang-mentang saya ini jakun)! Then he showed me the right way of handling it and true enough, it wasn't that heavy anymore. I could manage it perfectly fine.

Yes, it is in our long wish list to own a dslr one day. Perhaps, I should undergo more training on my flabby arms before I could own one...

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