Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zee Avi's Charity Concert

Thanks for the songs Daron. Now I can enjoy Kantoi! :)

This post is a sequel to the last entry.

We heard the news from 107fm that Zee Avi was in town and will be doing a charity concert very close to where we work --Thong Lor 10. Yet we worried since time was so close and we don't have any tickets, how can we go and support her? Well, thank goodness we were avid 107fm listeners and we love Melissa & Mark for cheering us up on the way to school every morning. We got to know that all we needed to do was to bring 3 toys to the charity concert in exchange for a ticket to win one of her 300 giveaway Cds.
Zico, Hobbit and I arrived at the venue only to find that it was an open air, sort of like a big open hall place and it was packed with people and boots selling fancy brand new + 2nd hand stuff! I like! We were on time to be able to watch Zee Avi singing live with her band. She's petite and cute with her "bee hive" hair hehe! Half way through I managed to sneak out of the audience's zone and went window shopping. Window shopping I say yet it led me to buy 2 second hand branded clothes for 100B each and a handmade sling bag.
Zee Avi sang for about an hour and I can say it was quite a laid back, relaxing concert. Her live voice was as good as her recordings or even better! The weather changed and so we decided to leave. Overall it was a pleasant event for a good cause topped up with such great singers! Oh, we saw our two favorite Djs Melissa and Mark too! :)

I'll update this post with pictures as soon as I get home. Right now I just had breakfast and am full like a pig! I need to get back to my evening light exercise instead of weight loss pill!

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