Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Think You Need But You Don't

I was cleaning up on one of my drawers today and there I got acquainted with many things that I once thought I needed but until this day haven't put them into use and I think some of the stuff will never be used by me! For example, a Bluetooth headset! I bought it thinking that I might be connecting it to my cell phone but nahh...never found the chance to!

It made me think amidst my cleaning of how many times do we buy things we think we need while not realizing it is actually wants? I know it is not easy especially when you're surrounded by a city (Bangkok for goodness sake!) that caters cheap and affordable stuff but there are several principles that might help us down the road...Think deep before you buy. People say don't spend more than you can afford...Spend less than you make... Live beneath your means...Well, we just have to learn and remind ourselves this. Doesn't matter if we earn a million dollar a year, if we don't learn to spend less than what we earn, we'll never be money rich. I continued my cleaning, I thought ah! Why not advertise and sell? At least I could get half the price I paid for initially! :)
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