Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend 05-06

More weekends please...

This weekend was good. Last week had been a hell of a week because it was the first week of the month. All my tutoring kicked in and I found it very very tiring. Nevertheless, I just have to get use to a hectic timing again like every school days last year. Good bye to summer no tutoring session. Thing is, I just need to find time to chip in time for my hobbies. By the time I get home, it will be late evening and my body is already no good for all the fun stuff I like to do although I do force myself to try and divert school stuff by doing exciting things after work.

Hey, the gang and I visited cake buffet again at Bongiarno! I like! :)

Yesterday evening, I continued on my sewing project. This time I made this...
Mini Bible Bag
inspired by Rachel
So amateur I know. I had some fabrics that I bought and were waiting to be used. So I took this chance to use each of them a bit. It took me a whole day to complete this bag. Partly because I did trial and error with the free motion sewing and failed many times that I threw the idea out of the window and did what is wise. So far, I am learning to understand the inside-out concept of sewing bags and several techniques for quilting But... quilting is a big word for me! I need some proper lesson and a kind teacher to sit with me while I tap on the foot control. I wish I am as good as my best buddy Nok. She improvises on things and is really good even without a basic! I need more time and more time and perhaps moola to be able to go for a basic sewing class! Looking for some software development! Eeeh!

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