Friday, August 7, 2009

Muak Lek Getaway #2

It's Paradise Resort!

The first time I visited Paradise Resort back in 1999, I thought ahh...I would never have the chance to feel the luxury in this hotel because hey, the college is just a few minutes away and why would I stay in Muak Lek town when there are hundreds of resorts around Muak Lek's vicinity? You'll never know. They said, never say never!

It was dark and our friends wanted to stay in a place with a swimming pool. So we thought Paradise resort was the place. When we got there, we were given a small new house. It was so brand new that I could smell everything new in the house that night. Back to the swimming pool, it was closed due to some function they had beside the pool Delta faucets area. Out we went for a late dinner.
Hobbit and I really didn't expect to spend the night at Muak Lek. Thus we had to go to a Factory Outlet nearby to shop for some clothes. Instead of feeling dejected, we were elevated! We retired immediately after dinner since we were all tired on our feet!
Next day we stopped by the muslim restaurant for a quick brunch and on the roads to Primo Posto. The road we took to this place was a long and winding one but of course lots of nice scenery to enjoy along the way. It was pretty easy to spot despite we being first timers. Lots of people and the sun was burning hot. We managed to snap some pictures and decided to end our Muak Lek getaway thereafter headed back to Bangkok.
Indeed it was a tiring but fun trip. We have planned several trips in the future. All we could ask and beg for are time and money. Could hardly wait!

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