Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally - School Year 2009-2010

First day of school for the intermediate and high school sections in our school. I was trying to type my schedule all over again since there were many changes. As I was typing, I noticed that most of my classes are in the afternoons, in other words it's after lunch break. No break time in between until after school. I am far from complaining but what I have experienced last year with several classes straight was that my physical body got too exhausted and mentally dead. I just pray that I will be okay this school year since I have a classroom of my own *wink*. I no longer need to carry tons of books all across the hallway and walk back and forth to get to my classes. It is a Bob revolution really! It was NOT fun at all juggling between this and that and walk with tons of stuff in your hands! Anyway, here's to wishing everyone a good start and may God be your teacher as you sail through this year!

This is cute. I wanna make one like this for anyone's baby! :)

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