Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Today had brought a lot of joy and smile to me. I woke up trying hard to recall good dreams (European cruises) that still kept me smiling and I thanked God for a good night rest. Hobbit left for school. Too bad, most of us are privilege to enjoy a three-days full Buddhist holiday and he had to invigilate in exams.

I thought today July 07 was important and surely it was. It's a dear friend's birthday. I quickly switched on my laptop and went online. I can't think of a better gift other the EM she had been eye-ing for. So I decided to give her just that. Well, little did I know that she was online and we chatted for a bit. It only made me miss her more! :)

As I was preparing to go out, one of my childhood friend gave a surprise call. It was a long, nice chat. Apart from the net, we haven't heard each others' voice for almost a decade! Well, it was so sweet of her to have made the call. We managed to catch up a bit and rekindled kampung's stuff hehe! Thanks for the call Ery. It must have cost you a bit but thank you. You made my day!

I rushed to take a quick shower and went out with Kate which I blogged about here. After sending Kate home, I met up with Hobbit and off we went for a movie that I have been waiting to watch for almost 2 weeks now--Transformers II. To you fans of Transformers, sorry but I just have to admit that I got drowsy and nodded towards the last part. The fighting scene was too loooooong! It almost took away my interest. Overall, I wasn't too impressed. Hobbit didn't think so. Yet, to each his/her own. *_^

Came home and still had the energy to bang on the keys and sang our hearts out without any shame to off keys and to much of our neighbors' distress. It was 10:55pm. Oh happy day! :)

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Miss E said...

Hi Aims, no prolem at all with the phone call. It's one of the things I do when I miss my friends. I hope to see you again soon. Still thinking what wedding present should I buy for Ernie. Hmmm. Any ideas? (But not here, she might see it. He he.)

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