Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Ps3 but XBox

I blogged in PCTL about my cousin wanting Ps3 weeks ago:

"One of my cousin has been reminding us to get him a PS3. According to him, all his friends are Ps3 and that he also would like to own one. He already has the previous version of this game and now suggested or should I say insisted that we get him a PS3. Well, we had conditions before we really splurge on him. One of it would have to be related to his academics. No improvements, no PS3. Funny how he has his conditions too which I would better not mention it here hehe! By the way, where can I get a PS3 for cheap? We thought of Wii but we rather get it for ourselves if we have to buy one! Hehe!"

Today we made a call home and suddenly he conveyed a message through his mom that he has changed his mind and now wants XBox. Excuse me everybody but what is XBox? I know it is some sort of a video game console and other than that simple fact, I am afraid I don't even know how this thing look like. How kuno of me...I am going home soon and I am afraid I really have not save enough to buy him anything! Be careful of making promises to little kids. They have needle sharp memories.

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