Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dawdler Sort of

courtesy of Golden Emas via FB :)

Busy day at work today. Honestly, I wished the whole week was a holiday. Who said it was easy to have a Monday on a Thursday? Well, as soon as I stepped into the office, work came my way and I had to drive myself swiftly as to pick up the fast paced movement around. Lots of high school students came for registrations and not to mention how many parents along with their kids came for the same reason. Physically my mind, body, posture seemed to portray that I was at work but far behind everything else, I was thinking of rubicon--a task that needed to be done at least by tomorrow. Yet I am not even halfway done. due habit hasn't changed ever since the MC era. Now that it has changed period (very proud of AIU), this dawdler is still fooling around! I need a wake up call. Someone please hit me with a free directory. Right now!!

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