Friday, July 24, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
Most of us like chewing and biting apples. If not for the taste or crunchiness, we consume it knowing it's good for health. What more when quote like the famous one above often makes a shout out! Whether you consciously read or know about it or not, you sure must have heard somewhere somehow about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Some people refer it as a wonder drug!

There are lots of health benefits if we go in details about ACV, but let me give you just a rough list of what it does.

  1. Helps with constipation.
  2. Provides all the minerals you need e.g Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosporus, Chlorine, Sulphur and Iron.
  3. Provides vitamin, beta-carotene and pectin.
  4. Helps with skin rashes, acnes and other skin related diseases. Oh and Mesothelioma treatment is not needed too!
  5. Prevents hair-loss, headaches, and lethargic feeling
  6. When applied to face and hair, you can feel the smoothness it provides.
  7. A big help in the kitchen - in marinating fish & meats and adds health flavor to your cooking/food.

Well, I can go on and on, but these are the main things. How do you use it or consume it? For me, before going off to work in the morning, I take a table spoon of ACV, mix it with honey, add water and drink it. It could be served hot or cold, your choice. In making salad, instead of using oils or other dressing, try using this for it creates a tinge and add lots of health benefits to your salad as well.

I highly recommend ACV since I have and still am using it to stay fit and healthy!

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