Thursday, July 30, 2009

Muak Lek Getaway #1

Last weekend we decided on a snap of a finger to drive up to Muak Lek, Saraburi to enjoy some upcountry pace of life. As soon as we woke up on Sabbath morning, Hobbit called his colleagues up and off we drove with our own vehicles to Muak Lek.

With us on this getaway were Elvin and his wife Grace. Since this was their first trip out of Bangkok, they faithfully tailed from behind our vehicle. Since our vehicle can soon be in the museum display, both Hobbit and I actually felt guilty of being the head, a tortoise head almost literally because our car sped like one. Despite, they were really patient and never once went vroooooom to the front when actually their new Fit could actually fly.As soon as we reached Muak Lek, the first turn we made was to the left, to the left...Yup, the road that led to paradise-it used to be for both of us and it was the opposite too at one point. As we drove closer to our destination, inside of me sprouted stems of excitement hoping to see that once engraved MC emerged to a longer acronym, AIU. Exactly, one letter extra yet it meant a thousand pile of sweat, a dozen buckets of tears and a hefty amount of determination...just to obtain the new status U=University.
Proudly we thought no one should miss this noteworthy statue, so we got Mr. Tripod to do the job. I was there. I missed the place, the fresh air, the burning sun at noon, the forever allegiance trees, the bittersweet memories...

Hobbit and I played tourguide while taking them around the college area and we couldn't help but vaunt a little too much on what, where, how, when. Elvin and Grace actually enjoyed little glimpses of AUP here and there because hey, none is far too different since both colleges are sisters right? :)

As soon as the tour was over, our tummies started to growl. So we drove a little further up to Chokchai farm to have a taste of the moomoos. Not the swines! Well, I haven't really been to Chokchai's well known steak restaurants except for the branches in Bangkok but I bet the menus would be somewhat similar. The truth is that Chokchai's steak house in Bangkok has wider variety compared to Muak Lek but there are certain dishes that you can get in Muak Lek but not in Bangkok and vice versa. The food was good but as always the case - the "mai phet" (not spicy)somehow ends up "phet" to our tastebuds. Nevertheless, we had their signature ice-cream that no one should miss unless you have tonsilitis. We didn't fail to take pictures with the skinny cow!

Next stop was the White Buddha at Klang Dong and the sky was covered with dark clouds. We thought it was going to pour very soon thus we just stayed at the temple ground and took pictures with the humongous gongs, chickens, etc. We actually met some MC friends who were touring some visitors. They were on their way down through the hundred steps and encouraged us to go up but we with the "alzheimer" legs were too lazy. Maklumlah sudah kurus..."_"
This time, the day was really getting dark. I kept reminding myself that it was a day trip only but my watch was already pointing five-ish. Elvin and Grace gave us hints all throughout the day that they were prepared for a change of plans. Wow, Hobbit and I were impressed. We didn't even brought anything! Long story short, Deanna found us a great place! Peck, looking at Outer Banks foreclosures hehe...

Arrggh...This post is already long! Guess this is it for ML Getaway #1 and #2 coming up next!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Public Safety Degree

I was doing some research on the internet and had the chance to get acquainted with Lewis University. Like many universities nowadays, they offer online courses. There are about four online degrees that you can choose from but I was particularly interested in knowing more about a course they offered - masters in public safety administration. I never heard of such course before. According to the information given about this degree, it is meant for those who have longstanding reputation for leadership such as those who serves as superintendents and chiefs of police around the nation. This degree equips them to handle complex challenges in regards to the public safety. I have to admit that at first glance, public safety administration sounded more of a security guards' degree. With our rapid world today, we should be grateful that someone is taking a leap on public safety. I think courses such as this has to be fully supported by the government. After all whose safety are we talking about?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Ps3 but XBox

I blogged in PCTL about my cousin wanting Ps3 weeks ago:

"One of my cousin has been reminding us to get him a PS3. According to him, all his friends are Ps3 and that he also would like to own one. He already has the previous version of this game and now suggested or should I say insisted that we get him a PS3. Well, we had conditions before we really splurge on him. One of it would have to be related to his academics. No improvements, no PS3. Funny how he has his conditions too which I would better not mention it here hehe! By the way, where can I get a PS3 for cheap? We thought of Wii but we rather get it for ourselves if we have to buy one! Hehe!"

Today we made a call home and suddenly he conveyed a message through his mom that he has changed his mind and now wants XBox. Excuse me everybody but what is XBox? I know it is some sort of a video game console and other than that simple fact, I am afraid I don't even know how this thing look like. How kuno of me...I am going home soon and I am afraid I really have not save enough to buy him anything! Be careful of making promises to little kids. They have needle sharp memories.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see.
- John Burroughs -

Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
Most of us like chewing and biting apples. If not for the taste or crunchiness, we consume it knowing it's good for health. What more when quote like the famous one above often makes a shout out! Whether you consciously read or know about it or not, you sure must have heard somewhere somehow about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Some people refer it as a wonder drug!

There are lots of health benefits if we go in details about ACV, but let me give you just a rough list of what it does.

  1. Helps with constipation.
  2. Provides all the minerals you need e.g Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosporus, Chlorine, Sulphur and Iron.
  3. Provides vitamin, beta-carotene and pectin.
  4. Helps with skin rashes, acnes and other skin related diseases. Oh and Mesothelioma treatment is not needed too!
  5. Prevents hair-loss, headaches, and lethargic feeling
  6. When applied to face and hair, you can feel the smoothness it provides.
  7. A big help in the kitchen - in marinating fish & meats and adds health flavor to your cooking/food.

Well, I can go on and on, but these are the main things. How do you use it or consume it? For me, before going off to work in the morning, I take a table spoon of ACV, mix it with honey, add water and drink it. It could be served hot or cold, your choice. In making salad, instead of using oils or other dressing, try using this for it creates a tinge and add lots of health benefits to your salad as well.

I highly recommend ACV since I have and still am using it to stay fit and healthy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stroll at the Park

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. So I suggested that Hobbit take me to the park nearby. After all the cooking and spoiling ourselves at home, it was so good to be out and close to nature. Our eyes just couldn't stand another steel buildings and concretes. So trees, flowers and lakes were the best we could seek amidst the congested Bangkok. As we stroll hand in hand along the lake, we encountered different faces that walked past our opposite direction. Young, middle aged, old...all were there for the same reason or another. Ah, surely ESCAPE was the right word to group all these people together, us included. We took a long walk and finally decided to visit the Carrefour store nearby. It was just the opposite of the park we went to but we made it there after a few kilometers ride. This was our first visit to this Carrefour branch. It was pleasant. Not only Carrefour by its own but it was accompanied by other franchises such as KFC, DDonuts, DQ and others. We figured next time we would park our car at the park and walk across the road for some DQ ice-cream. Just glad to discover another cool place to hang out. Evening was lovely. My headache gone and I was able to sleep. God is good.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

When One Door Closes

A friend forwarded me this message and it reminded me long time ago of how this message helped me make one of my many important life decisions. I am glad to be reminded once again.

When one door closes...Another door opens...Rev. 3:8

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff,
trust Him fully and let go,
only one of two things will happen,
either He'll catch you when you fall,
or He'll teach you how to fly!

God is going to shift things around for you today
and let things work in your favor.

God closes doors no man can open
and God opens doors no man can close.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Absolute Fash Sale

I just checked on my life insurance rates and tried to figure how much it would cost me in the future decades to maintain one. It was the last day of summer work yesterday and it ended just the right time when everyone is expecting a pintsized reward plus making plans to fly to their home country, take a long good vacation, relax, welcome family visits, spend all their time shopping, do everything one pleases but... without the mazuma! I don't know how many of my colleagues felt this way but as far as I know I am not alone. The pintsized reward? Well, it is something that you have to work for especially during summer school. No work equals no pintsized reward. It's not much as the adjective indicates but I need it because of this:

Mall: Central Chidlom
Venue: Event Hall 3rd floor
Date: 13th July 2009 to 26th July 2009

Call me crazy but this month (July) is crazier than I thought. Mid-year sale is everywhere and I mean it. You're lucky if you happen to be in Bangkok around this time of the year. I would have considered myself luckier if the pintsized reward is out when I needed it the most! Ihhh!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dawdler Sort of

courtesy of Golden Emas via FB :)

Busy day at work today. Honestly, I wished the whole week was a holiday. Who said it was easy to have a Monday on a Thursday? Well, as soon as I stepped into the office, work came my way and I had to drive myself swiftly as to pick up the fast paced movement around. Lots of high school students came for registrations and not to mention how many parents along with their kids came for the same reason. Physically my mind, body, posture seemed to portray that I was at work but far behind everything else, I was thinking of rubicon--a task that needed to be done at least by tomorrow. Yet I am not even halfway done. due habit hasn't changed ever since the MC era. Now that it has changed period (very proud of AIU), this dawdler is still fooling around! I need a wake up call. Someone please hit me with a free directory. Right now!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Today had brought a lot of joy and smile to me. I woke up trying hard to recall good dreams (European cruises) that still kept me smiling and I thanked God for a good night rest. Hobbit left for school. Too bad, most of us are privilege to enjoy a three-days full Buddhist holiday and he had to invigilate in exams.

I thought today July 07 was important and surely it was. It's a dear friend's birthday. I quickly switched on my laptop and went online. I can't think of a better gift other the EM she had been eye-ing for. So I decided to give her just that. Well, little did I know that she was online and we chatted for a bit. It only made me miss her more! :)

As I was preparing to go out, one of my childhood friend gave a surprise call. It was a long, nice chat. Apart from the net, we haven't heard each others' voice for almost a decade! Well, it was so sweet of her to have made the call. We managed to catch up a bit and rekindled kampung's stuff hehe! Thanks for the call Ery. It must have cost you a bit but thank you. You made my day!

I rushed to take a quick shower and went out with Kate which I blogged about here. After sending Kate home, I met up with Hobbit and off we went for a movie that I have been waiting to watch for almost 2 weeks now--Transformers II. To you fans of Transformers, sorry but I just have to admit that I got drowsy and nodded towards the last part. The fighting scene was too loooooong! It almost took away my interest. Overall, I wasn't too impressed. Hobbit didn't think so. Yet, to each his/her own. *_^

Came home and still had the energy to bang on the keys and sang our hearts out without any shame to off keys and to much of our neighbors' distress. It was 10:55pm. Oh happy day! :)

Wash Your Hands Too!

This is hilarious. Stumbled upon it from Donna's blog. It's a parody to the Wonder Girls popular number...Nobody nobody but you!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Central Chidlom Mid Year Sale

Last Thursday Hazel, Sharon, Dollie and I decided to go to Central Chidlom to check out the big mid year clearance sale at the Event Hall, 3rd floor. This is my third time going to clearance sale at Central Chidlom and it never ceased to mesmerized me with all the branded yet with a big discount stuff they put on sale. As soon as we reached, the first thing I noticed was the Rochester personal injury lawyer crowd. Second was of course no other than the filled hall. As we entered, one of my shophanistas whispered, "I feel like I am in heaven. This is awesome and I don't know where to start!" Haha! How true. I skipped several places since I too, like my friend, don't really know where to start. I had to slowly organized things on my head and started listing things that I really needed from this hall. As soon as I started walking and see stuff, I picked everything I thought I need/want and started shoving those things into my transparent bag. I thought I would be scanning through the items once more before I proceed to the cashier. Who knows, as soon as Hobbit joined me, he started to buy stuffs too! Now the excited me got more excited and forgot all about checking it twice and proceeded stright to the cashier. Yes, both of us spent quite a lot but it's nothing compared to the fixed price before the discounts. So by the end of the day, I still ended up buying more! See... :)

If you're interested to go, go while nice stuff are on the shelf. I heard that the last day would be better for the prices of things would go down one more time. It's a real clearance! How to get there...Once you enter the event hall, if you're planning to buy big, heavy stuff or planning on stuff that could fill up a push cart then better opt for the push card right before going into the hall. However, if you plan on only buying a bedsheet, some woman and man's wear (the se are the stuff I paid for) then go ahead and get a big transparent bag that they provide at the entrance. Then once you're in, take a deep breath and focus. I am sure you will be able to get the good stuff you wanted/need for cheap. Go while stock last! Hehe!
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