Monday, June 22, 2009

Opis Girl #1

Another summer school session and this time I totally enjoy doing something different although joining last year's Science & Math summer camp was equally fun! This time I was given a chance to work at the office front desk while helping at the registrar's office at the same time. Boy did I thought it easy handling a receptionist job. Just by observing and getting my hands on the job had thought me a great deal of things I never thought necessary before. My concept of a receptionist changed instantly on day one itself while trying my best to juggle in between answering phone calls, entertaining parents doing registrations etc, attending students asking about their grades etc, and 101 other stuff that I find impossible to list here.

Thanks to my two bosses P Nit and P Toom for their excellent tv stand tips on how to deal with stressful moments without loosing that cool smile! Without these two super-duper-well-trained-experienced bosses I wouldn't have survived the whole 5 days last week. As of now, I can see my front desk skill level is slowly rising on the thermometer. I hope to acquire all the good and positive things and learn from mistakes as I go through the remaining 3 weeks of summer work. Powder me with lots of opis girl dust will ya? :)

1 comment:

Deanna Beryl said...

The same happened to me when I had to occasionally assumed the operator/reception job. Makes me appreciate people behind the reception counter a lot! :)

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