Thursday, June 4, 2009

End of the School Year

*Lunch time at the cafeteria

Student A: Amyyyyyyyyyyyyy lao shi!!!!

I turned my back. Two Grade 2B cuties came running to me with a paper bag on one of them.

Student B: So you're here!

Me: Hi...Are you looking for me?

Student A: Yes. I have something for you...*handed me the laundry hamper paper bag*

Me: You guys came all the way here just to hand me this? Ohhh...*touched*

Student A: Uhuh...*panting*

Me: Oh..Come, let me give you a hug..

*big hug*

Student B: I want a hug too!

*another big hug*


I was looking forward for this day to come amidst ALL my busy days but wasn't looking forward for graduation and goodbyes even though I know very well I will see the kids again as they move to another level next school year. Well, most of them. When asked "will all of you be here next school year?"

"My mommy said that I have to study in a new school if I go to Grade 2." --Grade 1 student

"I am double promoted to Grade 5." --Grade 3 student

"Why? You will still be our Chinese teacher?" --Grade 3 student

I less expect to get a question back for my question above. Well, poor kids...What choice do you have, you only have one walking, kicking Chinese teacher...heh!

I did throw them question such as...

" you wish to have a new Chinese teacher next school year?"


Hahahaha! Should I trust my kids??

There were times I wondered if they really enjoy learning Chinese, a third, fourth or even fifth language for some of them. Despite what the parents think about Chinese classes in my school, I really wonder if the kids have thought about the usefulness/benefit this language will be for them in the future or did they even think about why they are learning Chinese?

There were days when I felt frustrated not being able to present my lessons well in class. Most of the time the causes were either lacking of proper materials, no proper equipment, felt helpless of my limitations (no proper training that is), and no one to assist me with mixed level classes. Such frustrations slowly led me to want to give up, vent and change position. Yet I know obviously that I am in this position for reasons that I myself am yet to discover.

Despite, there were also many days in my teachings when I felt that ahhh... No wonder He placed me here...Ahh... I love being their Chinese teacher...Ahh...He/she is picking the language very well...Ahh...He/she can read...Ahh...and Ahhs...

I'm sure bittersweet like this resonates you (teachers out there) too. Well, this is the end of my third year as a Chinese Teacher. I didn't even have a clue that I could paint a whole bittersweet picture when I first started out from scratch. All I can say at this moment of reflection is that I am humbled and


Wow that...If God choose to put you in a position despite of how you like it or not, He will surely if not literally hold, pull, straighten, adjust, and carry you through it.

All praise be unto Him.

Moving on, I am positively looking forward to another school year. Yay 2008-2009!!!


Deanna Beryl said...

whoa, mixed-level class? You're a superTeacher! That's for sure!:)

The whole-God-place-you-in-positions-despite-whether-we-like-or-not was truly enlightening. No, really. :)

Enjoy your break!

Hobbit Wife said...

*singing* I'm not a super teacher..oh..ohh..ohh...oh...:)

Glad that phrase did.Thanks Dee..

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