Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was browsing through several ladies magazines in one book shop last Thursday and was attracted to a column where a question was raised: How to become and stay thin like a supermodel? Well, I pretty much don't know who the question was for...whether it is for the public or those who are involved in the model industry. Those who answered the questions sounded random from the public.

This made me recall of a person in my hometown who is (still) obsess of keeping her weight under 40kg. When she reached her 17th birthday, she was 165cm tall, 41kg and nothing but skinny yet is still not happy with her features and weight. Funny thing is she doesn't get sick easily. She usually eats lesser than a normal person does on a diet and she hardly eats rice! In the morning she would drink prune juice, a bowl of corn flakes, and 25ml of milk. Then afternoon would be 1 apple, some grapes and a diet coke. In the evening would be salad, baked beans and lots of water. I really don't know where she got this diet plans from but yeah, if I were her I would probably be too sick the first day trying out the diet plan. Good thing she doesn't take anoretix that might make her invisible to others!

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