Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soy Products, Good for Health?

I was reading Chris's blog today and thought I might share this in my blog too. Truthfully I haven't done a further research on this myself apart from reading what is on here and other articles online but for long people have been talking about the one substance that exist in soybeans - isoflavones.

Isoflavones comprise a class of organic compounds and often naturally occurring. The benefits of isoflavones: ease menopause symptoms, reduce heart disease risk, protect against prostate problems, improve bone problems and reduce cancer risk. However, some critics claim that isoflavones can increase the incidence of epithelial hyperplasia and cause goitre and hyperthyroidism. Up to this moment, isoflavones remain the subject of many scientific studies.

According to the food expert/author of "Diet For a New America" John Robbins, he prefer the brands made with whole soybeans, and avoid those made with soy protein or soymilk powder. Looking at this issue with two opposite views somehow reminded me of the saying - too much of something is bad enough.

Yup, moderation is the key... which reminds me that I haven't settled my term life ins quote yet!

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