Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Price Tag Stickers

I hate it when I buy glass wares and the price tag stickers is always hard to remove! Don't the sales person know that it is a hassle for us consumers??

Why can't they use stickers such as the blue tag below? It sticks to any glassware and does not leave stains or glue residue when removed??

I remembered a friend told me once that her mom's technique of removing stubborn stickers that won't come of was by rubbing some eucalyptus oil or the Malaysian brand medicinal oil - minyak cap kapak to remove the sticky paper or left over residue. Another way like what Hobbit did (and I am sure everyone has tried) was to wash the glassware and wet the stickers When the sticker is moist, it is easier to remove compared to when it is dry!

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