Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cleaner & My Chickduck Thai

I am studying for a test that I am going to sit in a few hours time this evening while observing how our third house cleaner does her work. This is our third cleaner who have just started work this month. The previous one was fired by her agency and it didn't surprise us why. She was older compared to the rest. Back before the second, the first one we had before we moved to this apartment was absolutely awesome. She should get some sort of a cleaners award!

So back to the present cleaner. She's young but Hobbit met her little daughter about the age of 4yrs old once when she came last week. She is capable yet has "really bad" eyesight that she can't see piling dust around the house. The shelf, rubbish around the trash, the windows...Before she left a while ago, I managed to chop off the language barrier and had a chicken-duck conversation.

Me: Excuse me, please clean the 2 balconies the next week you come.

(Above was what I intended to say but it went this way...)

Me: Kho thoot ka, thum ti kang nok wan...wan...wan...........................

Khun Cleaner: A rai kha? Wan ni? wan a thit? wan wan wan....(confused!!)

(yelled at Hobbit--What is next week in Thai???)

Me: (continued) a thit na men dem dai mai kha?

Khun Cleaner: Dai kha...(and uttered several other blahs..)

Me: Clean them twice in a month, especially nowadays that it rains a lot.

In chicken-duck Thai I said...

Me: Thum song khrang tuk wan....ah mai chai, tuk pi....ahhhh...

(yelled at Hobbit it)

Me: (continued) tuk dern!!!

Khun Cleaner: O.K kha, dai kha...

Oh for Babylon sake!!!


Miss E said...

Ha ha. I feel for you, Aims. It works exactly like that between me and my strictly-Chinese-speaking students.

(Me: Wei se mo ni mei you cuo ni de kong ke? Students: Gave detailed answer in Chinese.

Conversation ended immediatelly after that because I didn't understand a word they said. They usually got away with it because I didn't know what suitable punishment for things I don't have a clue with.

dawne said...

Hahahaha.. no matter what.. the duck and chicken are still popular

Hazel said...

Hahahah! Great job Amy (& Hobbit).

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