Monday, March 9, 2009

Whiter, Whiter Please.

Fair is lovely.
She is never lonely.
Her cream of not so worthy,
is now symbol of femininity.

Hah! How wrong.

I used to say:
after a beach trip: "Oh man, I'm so dark now!"
going out to a park: "Where's my sunblock?"
while walking at JJ Market: "Sooo hot...For sure sun burnt one!"
under an umbrella: "Lousy umbrella, doesn't shed me from the UVs..."

Bla...bla...bla...about the sun burning or tanning my skin, not once have I thought of whitening cream/lotion and the like.

Once long-long time ago when I first got acquainted to cosmetics stuff I asked a sales girl if I should get one of the whitening creams on the display (since it was so popular among GIRLS)and this sales lady took a good look at me and told me that it wasn't for me. It's only for dark-skinned girls. I evaluated my skin color, and thought okay...I should put that I am in the with-the-quotation mark--"dark skinned" category since I was actively involved "with" the sun during basketball practices in high school. Still, I was recommended to use the normal ones. Since then, I always have in mind that whitening products is not for me. Oh, there's "whitening" on it, not for's whitening bla bla...not for me...

In fact, little did I think about how silly the idea was for the world to have "whitening" labeled on skin products until I came to Thailand. I had a friend who swore by Fair & Lovely -- very popoular M'sian made BIG HIT whitening cream back in the 1990s. I noticed her smooth and baby butt smooth face...Oh, it killed me that I had to check the cream out! Too bad, it didn't work for me. So again I stood firm and kept a chant in my heart -- Whitening cream is not for me...and the chant led me to discover about the dirty tricks and myth about the very things that claimed themselves to be WHITENING!!!

...for goodness sake...

Recently in The Nation, a Thai Dermatologists had to issue a warning over using leukemia drugs to look whiter, saying the sonsumption of leukemia pills might have adverse effects.

Obviously, some desperate ladies have gone to the extreme. Using leukemia pills in exchange for beauty and status. It's obvious that cancer drugs are not skin whitener, which part don't you get??
Another recent story about whitening scams. I applaud Khun Panya for going public about her worst nightmare due to products that promise dangerous beauty. She has the courage to speak out, volunteeraly representing all the sufferers out there who are too shy to even show their faces in public. Who is there to blame? But a dauntlessness step to warn others about the imperilment of street products is something not everyone can do.

It all started after K. Panya bought a cheap whitening product from a local open-air market that does not even have a proper label on it. After using it for a week, her skin started to show changes -- smooth, soft, peeled off and whiter. She was still satisfied after a month. However, she slowly started to lost her looks. Read about her full experience here.

Who detest beauty? So fair skin isn't the happiest choice for Asian woman, after all. Neither is dark skin. The key for not only Asians but everyone, is to use proper skin care products and sunscreen that help the skin to stay healthy while maintaining its natural glow.


Anonymous said...

Whitenings are very popular in Asia. I can't imagine why such products exist if not from the demand and mindset. Good entry.

Anonymous said...

What a story but yeah, I respect Khun Panya for her bravery to face and inform the public too! The company who produced those products should be locked up in a cage!

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