Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Soary Soary Go Away

wallpaper credit to SMASHING MAGAZINE

Above is my current laptop's wallpaper.

I have been munching too much smarties every day since three weeks ago plus Hobbit have been enjoying baking cookies himself that I can't stop munching to his all-contained-chocolate-chips cookies! The smarties is because it's on sale in The Mall and Emporium for 15B, so I 'pajak'ed my ever since favorite chocs. The cookies, lets just say...someone has to eat it (plus it's irresistibly delicious)!
The result -- I developed two big mouth soars which drives me totally insane! It's painful, it's unbearable, it's irritating!!!

Tonight, my mission is to dab SALT on these horrid soars since the old dentist-tale has it that the soars would dry off quickly...BUT it's gonna sting like Hellooloo!

Ahhhh...I don't care anymore!


Miss E said...

Ya Aims, salt will make you scream a little but I bet it will work. Good luck with it. *hugs* ;-)

Lorena said...

Aiyaa, should have airmail-ed those cookies to me..kidding na. Hope the soars go away soon so can munch some more of those cookies..with a limit of course ;)

Hobbit Wife said...

Ery, I was eating salad with Italian dressing last nite and I already screamed to death. Then it numbed the soars and I felt good. Then it was back again.

Hey Tina! :) You just download the picture bah! Hahaha! :) Well, yes...with a limit. Thanks. :)

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