Monday, February 23, 2009

Not So Sporty

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I am copying and pasting this entry from my other blog.

My Sunday mornings are all taken away as for now. I never felt so liberated waking up early on Sundays until this morning. I managed to do the frog stand and rolling stunts according to the time and numbers required. I was jumping with joy and made a lot of silly noises together with the rest of the early birds.

The last move I did was 30 times push-ups. I was counting while doing it and was half dead when I reached 30. I was flat on the floor!! Later on I tried doing the head stand only to my embarrassment that I should curve my waist a bit as it could support my body instead of trying hard to straighten both my legs up! How foolish! Next weekend I am determined to conquer and finish up with the back roll! Practicing it alone gave me endless sight of twinkling stars! ! Well, if any reason I could do all these things before and not now, I give credits to my dad for sending me to Ballet school at age 6 when fragility isn't a hindrance to twist sand curls! I wished I had continued taking lessons.

After scouting endlessly for my LL, we headed home, cooked, relaxed and took a long nap until 8pm. It's 12:02am now and I am not yet yawning!

It's Monday! Oh!!

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