Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hungry Hobbit

Hobbit and I attended SML yesterday. Due to skipping breakfast, our tummies started growling non-stop at about noon time right after SML. I managed to grab some potato salad and a piece of bread at the food table right after worship but Hobbit didn't seemed to like the idea of snacking before a proper meal. So to stop him from bothering me to go somewhere before I could finish up my munching my food, I told him that I would prepare him chicken rendang! He seemed so pleased that right after we reached home he volunteered to marinate the chicken chunks and was willing to do the cooking!

Anyway, we successfully prepared the rendang but too bad, I was still too full to finish my share. So guess what? Hobbit managed to gobble 2 big chunks of chicken meat and was kept bloated until this morning! :)
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