Sunday, February 1, 2009

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Growing up as a kid in primary school, I have a lot of friends who liked to pry on my lunch box or lunch bag every time I got to bring food to school. Being the generous kid that I was, I shared everything to everyone. Sometimes I don't even get to eat since there was nothing left. I was bought by the good kids notion that if you share, you will be everybody's friend. Remembering incident like this, made me wish that I could have put up a prank on those greedy friends of mine back then if only I knew how to use my creative portion of what was given to me! Look at this Anti-Theft lunch bag.

They are designed to make your sandwiches or food look moldy. I love how it looked so real at one glance! If used on kids, I bet they will immediately eeekk or eewwwed away. If ever I am to have kids of my own, complaining that their mommy's yummilicious food is eaten away by gluttonous friends at school and they have nothing left of it, I would definitely use this prank as a gesture to my own kids that mommy can save their world anytime, anywhere! Hah!


Deanna Beryl said...

HAHAHAHA coool! :) Keep sharing awesome links! :)

Miss E said...


Ya Aims, I remember back then, u always brought 'bekalan' from home. N I always thought, wow, ur mommy really didn't trust the canteen. (Sori if u didn't like it)

Hobbit Wife said...

Dee - Thanks. I will try to keep up. :)

Ery - I felt so out-dated lah that time because I wasn't cool. Everyone was eating from the canteen and here I am old fashioned -- bawa makanan dari rumah!!! Hahaha!

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