Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beyond Today

Somehow I don't really feel like I am living in the year 2009. I am still in 2008. Nevertheless, today I read this quote taken from A Woman of Prayer Devotional and had a good, deep thought about what lies for me in my tomorrows.

"Manmade plans are fallible; God’s plans are not. Yet whenever life takes an unexpected turn, we are tempted to fall into the spiritual traps of worry, anxiety, and bitterness. God intends that we do otherwise. The old saying is familiar: “Forgive and forget.” But when we have been hurt badly, forgiveness is often difficult and forgetting is downright impossible. Since we can’t forget yesterday’s troubles, we should learn from them. Yesterday has much to teach us about tomorrow. We may learn from the past, but we should never live in the past. So if you’re trying to forget the past, don’t waste your time. Instead, try a different approach: learn to accept the past and live in the present. Then, you can focus your thoughts and your energies, not on the struggles of yesterday, but instead on the profound opportunities that God has placed before you today."

Philippians 3: 13-14 -- This is my utmost prayer.

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