Friday, January 30, 2009

Your Mercy Is Brand New Every Day Lord

I am so glad that it is Sabbath. I was so glad that I sat on the piano, played and sang The joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the Lord is my strength, the joy of the di da...

Here I am, listening to Blessed's Your Mercy.

After my shower, I am going to leave World and visit Solace. Come with me!

Happy Sabbath!

Your Mercy -- by Blessed

Confession is good for the soul they say
Well now it's my turn
I'm willing to share all I've learned someday
But somedays not willing to learn

I don't always like to be told
What's right from wrong
I'm selfish sometimes when I don't want to be
How can you stand me?
Oh Lord, why do you hold on?

I'm always talking about the way you blessed me, oh yeah
I'm always singing about how good you are
But I don't always tell
That it's despite of myself
You know I haven't been good
Somedays I don't do what I should
Yet your mercy somehow endures.

There's no other love that compares to yours
It's hard to understand.
How you never repay me what I deserve
I think you that you're not like man
(Not like man)
See sometimes I desire to give hurt for hurt
Yet I know that's not like you
Yet this old flesh of mine tries to win everytime
I'm grateful your word is true
You faithfully see me through


Your mercy (Is good and it's kind)
Your mercy (Is brand new everyday)
Your mercy (Is ever lasting)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mini Chinese New Year 2009

The only new CNY deco I put up this year besides the old ones. Made the round fan from empty ang-pows!

It became a tradition that every Chinese New Year we will have our Sabahan mini get-together at my apartment to celebrate this auspicious day.

This year, I have decided again to make it simple but warm. Unlike last year, this time I was able to prepare a little bit more Chinese delicacies since uhm...I brought some stuff from home. :)

Early morning I was awaken by the firecrackers that could be heard from outside my window. I tried to sleep some more but obviously the day had begun! Hobbit and I quickly jumped out of bed and went out to do a little bit of a last minute shopping.

By the time we came home, it was already noon time and I haven't started cooking! The party was scheduled to start at 4pm. We quickly got on our hands and feet in the kitchen! While busy at the kitchen, happy thoughts hovered my mind and that made all the homesickness bearable.

As for the dishes, I only managed to prepare 4 main dishes. I did plan to cook more but as I said, we were catching up on time. First, I prepared the chicken and ginseng soup for this takes time to simmer. I have always like this soup. It gives your body medicinal benefits since it's a mixture of Chinese herbal stuff. I will blog about each dish in a la hobbits when I find the time to do so. Next, Hobbit helped me prepare steamed chicken with sausages. I really liked this dish for the taste is so Chinese due to certain ingredients and oh, also the sausages used is the chinese sausages we call lap chiong. Next was the stir fried mixed vegetables. Ah, easy to cook but quite time consuming to cut. The last thing that went into the frying pan was asparagus coated with sesame oil and dried mushroom. I thought of preparing fried noodles bean sprout with spring onions and fried minced beef but then it was already 3:40pm. Hobbit thought the food were sufficient so I stopped and shooed myself to clean up before our guests arrived.

By the time we started feasting, it was about 5:30pm and everybody was hungry! The reason to the lateness was because we waited for other friends to arrive besides the fact that I know my house is not close by to where most of my guests live. :) While waiting in between, aunty D and Jathrow helped me fry the nien gao (CNY glutinious cake) dipped in beaten eggs. It was so sticky that we almost gave up frying.

The rest of the evening was filled with joys and laughter. We enjoyed the giving and receiving of red packets part. There were funny moments that just made everyone giggled and laugh! Oh, we also had our drunk moments where we adults pretended that the fantastic non-alcoholic wines were for real! We ended the day with lots of photo taking session.

I can say now despite me wishing I was home on this occasion, I know that God had blessed Hobbit and I with a bunch of wonderful family-friends here that we simply had a good blast! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Foggy Sabbath

It was 6am this morning when our alarm clock went off. The weather transition has made me curious every morning and play the prediction game to whether it would be cooler, hotter or just nice. Then lately chipped into the game was the pollution and fog news. So this morning I decided to monitor and watch what the weather has in stored for me once I pull the blinds. With my hair messed up, I stared out of the window in awe. I've never seen anything like this here in Bangkok. Was it that my vision was failing or that the world in front of me had disappeared? In my midst of confusion, I woke Hobbit who was still rolling endlessly on the bed trying to stretch himself to the morning rhythm. Well, not really, I just said Holy Cow and that made him jumped out of bed and went closer to the window. We were gawked by the thickness of the fog. 0 Visibility. It's unusual in Bangkok. So I thought to take a before and after picture. The before was taken at 8am and the after is at 9:30am.

*through my bedroom window

*view facing the city from my window

*after picture

*after picture

Three days ago, the fog had disrupted 9 planes from landing at the Suvarnabumi airport. Today, several planes had to land at the old Don Mueng airport instead of Suvarnabumi. I guess the visibility for landing is better at the old airport huh? Poor those pick up people...They have to travel all the way to Don Mueng to pick up their passangers. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Energizing my 80% Chinese

Gong xi gong xi...

It's Chinese New Year once again. One of my favorite celebration back in Malaysia. Moving down to Bangkok from a small Muak Lek town has more or less changed my way of celebrating CNY. It wasn't too bad in MC because the Chinese students and faculties always invites or put up something fun on this occasion. Yet now, I have to find different ways to make CNY livelier and memorable if not for others, for myself.

Right now I am already reminiscing my late grandpa (who used to sell chickens and ducks for a living right after he settled in Sabah from China) preparing roasted peking duck and hainanese chicken in the kitchen, grandma serving sweet delicacies, mom preparing CNY eve dinner, dad joining my uncles and aunts gambling, the kids running around the house playing fireworks...

The spirit of celebrating CNY as a family...

Being here in Thailand, my mom made sure that I celebrate it too and keep the tradition. So each year spent here in Thailand, my CNY would be well spent with close friends. This time, since I am an occasional cook, I will skip the Eve's dinner and again invite some friends over. I hope I could blog about our small gathering then. Meanwhile, I have greatly enjoyed making CNY lanters, ang paos and cards with my students this week. Here are some pictures...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giggled on These

I was browsing and looking at pictures. Giggled on these...

Our heads got distracted by little birdie while our eyes just can't resist the lens!

Our goodbyes after that...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This I Need to Forgive You


I hate good gestures being the appetizer and sorry being the main dish. Switch the two and I will enjoy my meal.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beyond Today

Somehow I don't really feel like I am living in the year 2009. I am still in 2008. Nevertheless, today I read this quote taken from A Woman of Prayer Devotional and had a good, deep thought about what lies for me in my tomorrows.

"Manmade plans are fallible; God’s plans are not. Yet whenever life takes an unexpected turn, we are tempted to fall into the spiritual traps of worry, anxiety, and bitterness. God intends that we do otherwise. The old saying is familiar: “Forgive and forget.” But when we have been hurt badly, forgiveness is often difficult and forgetting is downright impossible. Since we can’t forget yesterday’s troubles, we should learn from them. Yesterday has much to teach us about tomorrow. We may learn from the past, but we should never live in the past. So if you’re trying to forget the past, don’t waste your time. Instead, try a different approach: learn to accept the past and live in the present. Then, you can focus your thoughts and your energies, not on the struggles of yesterday, but instead on the profound opportunities that God has placed before you today."

Philippians 3: 13-14 -- This is my utmost prayer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Bangkok

Hey peeps, I'm (my body) glad to be back to the Land of Smiles but I (my soul) can tell you that I haven't really touch the ground of Bangkok unless this place offers the same level of happiness that I could get from home. Regardless, I know it is a ridiculous thought but nothing could possibly change the way I feel for home just yet.

Hobbit started work today and I have a few days left before the usual routine starts again. However, today is dedicated solely for my research paper. The one and only paper that I need to submit before I graduate somewhere in the middle of this year. I just need to work on the methods and analysis. I hate doing it but I have no choice.

The fridge is empty now. I just threw out some of the rotten carrots and milk. Besides yakult (Betagen) and chocolate bars, nothing I see can be improvised for lunch except the frozen burgers. Tsk...even too lazy to cook anything.

So here goes my lunch. Microwaved chicken burger and chili sauce! A roi mak lei na...:)

Back to doing my paper! I'll blog more about my holidays when I have the time and mood to do so. Meanwhile, let me also get my soul back from KK first!
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