Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Immigration 2008

Immigration 2008 because I figured this was and will be our last trip for this year.

I am going home soon. Somehow, when the time gets closer to my long anticipated day, I always get this mixed feelings, unexplained emotions and other what-if thoughts. I hate this but what can I do.

Just like what I felt 2 years ago when my wedding was just days away except that this is way easier to handle. Oh, I don't want to imagine what's going on in Lerie's head.

So a day after the airport reopened, Hobbit and I drove to the immigration during our lunch break. We wanted to park our car inside the immigration area but the parking lot was full. So we got smart and parked our car at the Suan Phlu Post Office which was next to the immigration. Lots of parking but it came with a parking ticket too! Without any understanding of what was written on the ticket besides the number "20" among the Thai characters, I went into the post office and bought some stamps in order to get them stamp on the ticket. Viola!

Heaps of people trying to get things done. It was quite a while when we finally got our re-entry visas and Hobbit's 90 days paper done. As we walked into the post office, I can't help laughing over only-in-Thailand signboards. Look, it's darn big way up there. Post Office and no one cared to make any changes!!!

Big post office but...

...not a single person cared to change the PHUL to PHLU

Some more, the loseing parking ticket is fined bath 200!!

You don't want to bath 200 times! Go buy some stamps!


Anonymous said...

It's funny how sign boards in thailand do not go through certain editing process and people just don't bother. Good observation!

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