Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Happy 2009 readers!

My December 31st celebration highly depends on where I am at on that day.

Growing up, my parents would invite close friends to join our family countdown at home. After I finished high school, year end celebrations started to cool off and one by one we (my family) started to develop this habit of just staying at home and just chill without any major activities. Not even BBQ or the sort that people used to do when welcoming the new year.

The next time was my year-end visits when I was in college, my dad and I used to lazed around the couch and just watch all the peak programs on the telly and snack while waiting for the rest of the family go about their own celebration with other family members and friends.

Then in came my career and married life in Bangkok, I am again back to celebrating with close friends every New Year's Eve. Today, I again have the opportunity to celebrate it with my own family and guess what? It seems like a deja vu. This time everyone stayed home except for my two brothers who have gone off to celebrate with their friends. We gathered around our self-made fire place, took some marinated meat from the fridge and started barbecuing while laughing like there will never be another next year.

Just a few more minutes to 2009 and the houses surrounding mine seemed to be competing on who can create the loudest bomb out of their questioned legal or illegal purchase of firecrackers. As of now, I am thankful that God has shown His non-stop blessings towards my family, friends and I throughout each of our strives and struggles, happiness and sadness. Thus it gives me confident that He will continue what He has started in each of us. Lets continue to put our trust in Him. God bless each of you and have a great year ahead. *xoxo*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

*courtesy of everlastinglifedecor
.. no tree this year. Not much room,
for the love filling these four walls full
to bursting. If the scent of Christmas
is missed, a bit of Evergreen sprayed
into the air makes it smell like pine.

There are no presents to unwrap: we
celebrate the holidays year ''round.
No messes to clean up: we decorate
with cards, hanging our friends from
the walls: a constant reminder when

we see them smiling down on us ...
some would say we''re having a poor
man''s Christmas. Not so: received
the first Gift given by a loving Father:
He didn''t stress out. He kept it simple.

(c) 2008, Karla Dorman

All I want is a simple Christmas...

So far Hobbit and I have been enjoying our holiday with my family. Tomorrow we will be going to his home and spend Christmas there. I'm looking forward to it. Thus I will not be able to go online for several days. Thus let me wish each of you readers...

A blessed Christmas!

End of the Knit

My hobby towards knitting suddenly came back after almost 8 years of nil play with yarns. First, I was inspired by the weather and second was by those who knit and stitch right in front of my nose some days.

Those of you who are still in the dark about this reincarnated hobby of mine, don't think this hobby is cheap. Hobbit hinted and complained like a thousand times and wonder why I cannot invest 800b to buy his necessity but can splurge on yarns and needle sticks that doubles the price. Anyway, I promised him that I will finish what I started.

Basically I make simple scarfs and pouch. So far, I finished knitting one scarf for Hobbit, two for others and started 4 more with different patterns. Yet I don't think I could finish all four any time soon. One big factor is TIME. Nevertheless, I am glad to knit again. Thanks to my mom for teaching me how to. Next to rekindle is crochet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Immigration 2008

Immigration 2008 because I figured this was and will be our last trip for this year.

I am going home soon. Somehow, when the time gets closer to my long anticipated day, I always get this mixed feelings, unexplained emotions and other what-if thoughts. I hate this but what can I do.

Just like what I felt 2 years ago when my wedding was just days away except that this is way easier to handle. Oh, I don't want to imagine what's going on in Lerie's head.

So a day after the airport reopened, Hobbit and I drove to the immigration during our lunch break. We wanted to park our car inside the immigration area but the parking lot was full. So we got smart and parked our car at the Suan Phlu Post Office which was next to the immigration. Lots of parking but it came with a parking ticket too! Without any understanding of what was written on the ticket besides the number "20" among the Thai characters, I went into the post office and bought some stamps in order to get them stamp on the ticket. Viola!

Heaps of people trying to get things done. It was quite a while when we finally got our re-entry visas and Hobbit's 90 days paper done. As we walked into the post office, I can't help laughing over only-in-Thailand signboards. Look, it's darn big way up there. Post Office and no one cared to make any changes!!!

Big post office but...

...not a single person cared to change the PHUL to PHLU

Some more, the loseing parking ticket is fined bath 200!!

You don't want to bath 200 times! Go buy some stamps!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hobbit and I are so in love with our new pad. It is amazing how God led us to this place. Anyway, let me try my best to relate what exactly happened that kept us kneeling for answers for almost 3 weeks.

We had long planned to move closer to where we work. Closer means somewhere in between Ekamai and along Sukhumvit 71 road. So, while I was scanning through my feeds one night, I came across two empty apartments that we thought would be perfect just for the two of us. One is very close to where Hobbit works, the other was very close to where I worked. We got excited and thought we really need to check these two apartments out. So we did and guess what? These two apartments were owned by one same owner -- a friendly and kind-hearted lady.

So we made an appointment with Lady A to check out the apartment that is closer to Hobbit's school. We liked it but the location and environment were not as what we have expected. The apartment was about 50 sqm or more, one room and a big living room attached to a kitchenette. Nope. We don't think so. Then we asked Lady A if she could take us to see her other apartment for rent close to MY school. She agreed and took us there. The moment I stepped in, my heart told me to say YES to this place. I looked at Hobbit and I could see a big yes on his face too. It's 80sqm, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms...A bit too big for two though but hey, look at the things that we have accumulated throughout the years! Another good thing about this place is that Lady A is willing to cut off 5000B from the initial rent if we sign long term contract. Wow! We got excited yet wasn't quite sure of our current home status.

We asked our current landlord if we could move since we sort of found a place closer by our work place. He said we can but we really need to complete another 2 months of contract. Dissapointed but yet we knew it wasn't meant to be.

A few days after our talk with our landlord, he called and said we could move end of November and asked for a date when we could move out. So we said end of November. We called Lady A and she said the place is still available. So we gave her a YES. Then, this was where the complication started.

My heart was torn between moving and not move at all. I don't know why. Somehow I felt uneasy about the whole moving thing. I told Hobbit about what I felt and he felt the same too. The major thing that kept us thinking hard at that moment was the rent. We could afford it but somehow it doesn't serve the whole purpose. There's only two of us, why do we want such a place that cost that much? And knowing it's Sukhumvit area, it's considered expensive for 80sqm. We continued to pray for God to help us with our decisions.

We asked our landlord if we still can stay for another 2 months. He said no because the initial owner wants to sell the room to someone else since he needed money badly at the same time. It was "just the right time" we told them we wanted to move! Great...Our feelings towards the Sukhumvit 71 place kept lingering on and off then. Then we called Lady A and said "no" with hesitation and holding back some. Oh!

Then we ask our current landlord to look for another place for us to move into for 2 months until we find another place again. So he recommended a 100sqm room just 10 steps across our door steps. That's VERY close and it's big too compared to our then 60sqm apartment. What was important was that it's WAY bigger, cheaper and nicer compared to Lady A's Suk. 71 apartment. So we told our landlord that we'll take it. So our problem is settled there.

Nope. Next day, our landlord told us that the initial owner of this 100sqm has rented it to someone else. Again we were crushed. There's not much time. We have a week left to decide. Lady A called us and told us that we could still rent her place eventhough we have to move in end of December. She was more than willing to wait because according to her, she rather have us rent her place than give it to other people. So we said YES again since we have no where to go.

Then our landlord suddenly called us and wanted us to help a Korean family finish their contract of 4 months left. We went to the apartment where the Korean lived and felt it was okay for 4 months, plus we didn't have to add anything to the rent. Again we contemplated and for the last and final time said NO to Lady A. Thank God she understood our situation.


No. The Korean was playing a game on us. They suddenly decided not to move at the last minute!!! Arrrghh! Our blood pressure rose and decided that we had enough of this crap and pressure! Again we were going to be homeless until our landlord came to our apartment with a VERY (it got to be!!!!) good news! The initial owner of the 100sqm prefered us to be the renter instead of the other person. Thanks to our landlord friend.

We moved in our new place exactly on November 30, 2008. It took less than an hour to move our stuff from the door across to this place. We don't know what we did to deserve this place but it was quite a journey. To look back and not think it was God, impossible! It was He who made all things possible.

Had we considered the apartment at Sukhumvit 71, 80sqm, not as nice as this place, expensive but closer to work, maybe we would it would give us more guilt for paying so much. Yet we could pay less and save more money staying in this 100sqm comfortable place!

Often I find it hard to understand how He works things out for the good of His people. That is why I tend to want everything work according to what I think is best. Only if we trust Him can He work wonders in our lives (Isaiah 41:10).

Oopps, Sabbath is coming to an end and it's starting to get dark outside at just 5:23pm, winter please stay on because we love you...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday King of Thailand

The Thai King is celebrating his 81st birthday today.
Happy Birthday and long live the King. He is so far the longest living monarch in the world.

It is such a nice day today especially knowing that Hobbit and I would not have to go to work. So we had a very lazy day together at home.

Breakfast in bed anyone??
See, we really had a lazy morning and overall a lazy day which we thought is a good thing since we haven't been doing this for quite a while!

Deanna's Visit

Last Sunday I had a dear visitor, Deanna. She stayed with us for 3 days 2 nights. Hobbit and I totally enjoyed her stay. Here are some pictures showing some of the fun things we did.

*Met her up at Central World

*Got ourselves free recycled pens

*Feast on Swensen's beverages

*Visited Yokohama night market *cough*

*Did the Karen Cheng poses

*More KCs

*Our spanking skin-tight socks (that made us do the KC)

*Late night Moss Burgers

*Dinner at Baan Deang

*Ice-cold water dare at 8:++pm +cold winter air blowing

*Hobbit's token for winning the pool jump!

*Early morning silliness

So, when will be the next trip for Bangkok Getaway Deanna?? *_*
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