Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sugaroma #1

Since Shizz blogged and gave snippets of Sugaroma, I might as well catch the wave while everyone is still bodyboarding. :)

Actually, not really catching the wave, just tailing from behind since I just have two or three pictures to post here. We visited twice this week alone with friends and Hobbit respectively see... And today is Wednesday. In fact, I have been a frequent visitor too since last year but don't remember where all the good pictures were kept. So, as for this week, to commemorate Shizz's Sugaroma food review, here are some peeks...

Thousand Island Salad


Haze's favorite. Carrot Pecan

One of my favorite.

Hobbit's choice

Hot Vanilla Latte

Mouth watering? Well, you'll probably learn more about the food in Sugaroma soon from Shizz or any of the bloggals who is/are more of a frequent(s). I won't have the luxury to do thorough reviews on each of the cakes nor food, for this yummilicious occupation cost a pretty penny and I am strapped for cash at the moment!

Oops, did I say two to three pictures? :)


Hazel said...

loving the carrot cake! hahahah! glad it was included =)

Unknown said...

How do you NOT weigh 800#'s?????

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